Germany gives Moscow the ability to move its borders

Dr Brzeski, on the air of Polskie Radio 24, assessed that the Nord Stream projects pushed by Germany led to an escalation of tensions in Central and Eastern Europe.

– By launching Nord Stream 1, Germany opened the way to the annexation of part of Ukraine by the East. In turn, by establishing Nord Stream 2, they open the front for war between the East and the entire Central and Eastern Europe, he said.

According to the expert, the future of Ukraine and Belarus looks dark.

– By opening NS2, Germany gives the East, specifically Moscow, the possibility to move and change borders. Most likely, we will be dealing with the occupation of all of Ukraine and perhaps the completion of the annexation of Belarus, he points out in an interview with Antoni Trzmiel.

Merkel’s politics

Dr. Brzeski points out that Russia’s imperial policy is the result of the actions of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.

– Putin would not dare, without Ms Merkel’s support, or at least without the German spiderweb entangling the whole of Western Europe, to move to the East – he would not dare to annex more Ukrainian lands and, in fact, Belarus – he said and added: “We cannot talk only about a war waged by the East. Right now we have a war on both sides, and that’s probably why it’s so fierce. ”

Nord Stream 2

The German Federal Network Agency has temporarily suspended the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The reason is that the pipeline operator does not meet the legal requirements.

The Agency’s decision means that the operation of the controversial gas pipeline will not be possible for the time being. According to the law, the infrastructure operator must act according to German law. Meanwhile, Nord Stream 2 AG is registered in Switzerland.

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