Germany: SPD, Greens and FDP form a coalition. There is a Polish thread in the contract

The SPD, the Greens and the FDP agreed on a coalition agreement for the new federal government led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Negotiations between the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the Greens and the Free Democrats had been going on since the September 26 elections. Coalition talks began on October 21.

Until the end, the new coalition partners differed in the issues of financial and climate policy and the division of ministerial positions. The Greens unofficially inform that they convinced the SPD and the FDP to give up coal as an energy source by 2030, eight years earlier than planned by the current government.

In the week starting on December 6, the current Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is to be elected head of the federal government. As this party’s candidate for the chancellor, he boosted its ratings, thanks to which it sensationally defeated the CDU / CSU.

It was the future German chancellor who spoke first during the press conference of the party leaders. Olaf Scholz, however, did not start his speech with the coalition agreement, but with the topic of the coronavirus pandemic, currently the most pressing issue in Germany. He announced that the new government wanted to establish a permanent crisis management team and a group of experts in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Scholz also stressed that the vaccination campaign, including booster vaccinations, should be accelerated.

Scholz thanked the partners for “intense, but above all full of trust” cooperation during the weeks of coalition negotiations. All three parties conducted the talks with great commitment, “guided by the will to modernize and progress the country”.

In turn, the leader of the Green Party and the possible future vice-chancellor of Germany, Robert Habeck, spoke in the context of the coalition agreement about a “document of courage”, which should be a model for Germany that “just works”. He stressed that “modernization of the country in times of crisis means a great effort”.

Let us remind you that with the formation of the new federal government, the rule of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who did not run in the elections on September 26, will end after 16 years.

The rest of the text below the video.

According to Adam Traczyk, vice president of the Global.Lab think-tank, the coalition agreement of the new German government also mentions Poland on Twitter.

One of them concerns the construction of a memorial to the victims of World War II, which is to be built in Berlin. Its construction is scheduled to start in 2022. The idea and concept were first presented by the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas. According to him, the memorial site will be a “milestone in reconciliation” between Poland and Germany.

The agreement was also supposed to include provisions on supporting civil society, cross-border cooperation and those concerning Germany’s support for cooperation within the Weimar Triangle.

Without mentioning Poland, it was also written about the observance of the rule of law. The new coalition wants to effectively protect the EU values ​​under Art. 2 of the EU Treaty.

“We call on the European Commission as guardian of the treaties to make more consistent use and implementation of existing instruments of the rule of law in a timely manner,” it was written. The text of the agreement also expressed support for the European Commission regarding the blockade of payment of funds from the Reconstruction Fund, until such conditions as an independent judiciary are provided.

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