Germany: SPD, Greens and FPD plan to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes – Deutsche Welle

The future German coalition intends to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. The budget could gain billions of euros from this, informs Deutsche Welle.

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Arrangements for legalization marijuana were made during the coalition negotiations that have been conducted in Berlin for several weeks by the Social Democrats from the SPD, the Greens and the liberals from the FDP. In early December, these parties are to form a new government.

“We will introduce controlled sale of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed stores,” negotiators wrote in a document leaked to the media from a negotiating working group called “Health and Care.”

Guarantee of protection of minors

DW points out that the plans include, inter alia, quality control to avoid spreading the contaminated substance, as well as solutions to ensure the protection of minors. After four years, the law is to be reviewed in terms of social impact.

According to the media, the future coalition partners want to introduce “drugchecking”, which will enable consumers to check the composition of illegally purchased drugs in terms of the content of harmful substances. At the same time, the rules on marketing and sponsorship for alcohol, nicotine and cannabis are to be tightened.

Currently, the sale of marijuana for medical purposes is permitted in Germany. All three parties of the future coalition have already advocated some form of legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in their electoral programs. They argue that Controlled sales will eliminate the black market, which will help to better protect children and adolescents and prevent addiction. They also believe it is a mistake to criminalize marijuana consumers.

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Deutsche Welle points out that politicians do not use a financial argument, but according to economists’ estimates, legalizing the sale of marijuana may bring considerable revenues to the state budget. According to the daily Handelsblatt, economist Justus Haucap from the University of Duesseldorf estimated in a recently published study that the state could gain more than EUR 4.7 billion from additional tax and social security contributions, as well as savings in law enforcement and the judiciary annually.

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