Germany: The government does not rule out long-term restrictions for the unvaccinated

Spahn admitted he is “fundamentally skeptical” of the idea of ​​introducing compulsory vaccination against COVID-19. As an alternative solution worth considering, he indicated the introduction of the so-called 2G rules (access to places and services only for vaccinated and convalescents), which would apply throughout 2022. In this case, the unvaccinated person “will only be able to go to the supermarket or the office” – he noted.

– We can all see what is happening in the country, because 11 million adults could not be persuaded (to vaccination – ed.), And now we all suffer because of it – emphasized Spahn. He added that “Germany is probably at the most difficult, dramatic moment in this pandemic, you just need to see what is happening in hospitals in Saxony, Bavaria, Thuringia, Baden-Württemberg and many more.”

As he added, the dynamics of vaccination increased, and over the last week, nearly 450,000 people decided to take the first dose of the vaccine. people. “However, it is still definitely not enough” – noted the minister.

The Bundeswehr air force on Friday participated for the first time in a nationwide action to transport critically ill COVID-19 patients from more stressed regions. They were mainly transported from Bavaria, where there were no beds available for patients suffering from coronavirus in intensive care units. “Hopefully this situation will be a wake-up call for many and make them vaccinate,” added Spahn.

Head of the Institute Roberta Kocha (RKI) Lothar Wieler stressed that if a sufficiently large proportion of the population is not vaccinated against COVID-19, universal compulsory immunization “will become an option to think about.” – Germany is in a crisis and the solution is to vaccinate. As a rule, nothing should be ruled out in a crisis situation, he added.

Wieler pointed out that to break the fourth wave of infections it is necessary to limit contacts, including the cancellation of mass events, and to “close the vaccination gap” as soon as possible. He also stressed the importance of a booster vaccination.

“When it comes to cellular immunity in particular, I believe it will also work for the Omicron,” Wieler added. – We are optimists (we believe) that with this new variant of the virus vaccinated do not start from scratch – emphasized the head of the RKI

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