Ghostwire Tokyo by Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks Presented at E3 2019

Ghostwire Tokyo

Shinji Mikami took the stage at the Bethesda conference to announce Ghostwire: Tokyo, a new action adventure from the developers of The Evil Within.

During the conference Bethesda to ‘ E3 2019 it was presented Ghostwire Tokyo, a new project developed by Tango Gameworks. 

On the stage producer Shinji Mikami and creative director Ikumi Nakamura, who briefly presented the new title, went up. From the first details, we learn that it will be an action adventure in which players will have to fight against a supernatural force. 

As can be seen in the video, people mysteriously vanish in Tokyo and find out why. Along the way, spirits will meet, some peaceful and others hostile.

“Ghostwire: Tokyo is a new action adventure game by the Tango Gameworks team. After strange disappearances have hit the population of Tokyo, it is up to you to discover the source and free the city from a new evil,” the official description reads. 

“Arm yourself with your mysterious ghostly abilities, face the occult, reveal conspiracy theories and experience urban legends like never before.”

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