Ghostwire: Tokyo has been rated in Korea. Bethesda may soon present a game headed for PS5 and PC

In 2022, another game from the experienced Tango Gameworks will come to the market. Bethesda has not shared production materials for a long time, but in the face of new news, it seems that the work on the position is going as planned by the developers. The title was rated in Korea.

Before joining Microsoft, Bethesda partnered with Sony, thanks to which two games of their internal teams were initially supposed to be exclusively on PS5 and PC. The Japanese guaranteed themselves “temporary console exclusivity” for Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Arkane made its debut last year and was approved by some editorial staff. But now it’s time for Ghostwire: Tokyo! Apparently everything is going in the right direction with the title landing on PS5 and PC in the coming months.

GhostWire: Tokyo has already received a rating in Korea, so we can assume that the main work on the project has been completed. Originally, the premiere of Tango Gameworks was supposed to take place in 2021, however, the developers decided to spend more time refining the adventure.

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It is very possible that soon we will see a solid presentation of Ghostwire: Tokyo – after all, Sony has to take care of an intriguing promotion of the item, which will be available on Xbox next year.

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