Gianpiero Rotoli: I love being able to get to know new places and people

Good and young Neapolitan actor, Gianpiero Rolliwe know him for having taken part, since the first series, a “The Investigations of Lolita Lobosco”fiction for Rai 1, in the role of Dumbledore.

Soon we will be able to see Rotoli in “Equalizer 3”, by the director Antoine Fuqua, with Denzel Washington once again the protagonist. A person always eager for new knowledge, always beautiful worlds to discover.

Welcome to La Gazzetta dello Spettacolo, Gianpiero Rotoli. Tell us about your experience in “Equalizer 3”, in which we can see you in the future?

I had a wonderful experience on the set of Equalizer 3. The director, Antoine Fuqua, gave me the opportunity to improvise, to think together about how to make the scene. An American production of a saga that has been very successful and therefore the budget is different, certainly no expense is spared.

What will you take away from this international experience?

I will definitely bring with me the ability to relate to really important actors, which doesn’t always happen. Most of the scenes shot were with Dakota Fanning. It seems we all speak the same language, despite the differences, the different cultures. I will therefore bring with me a really important freedom of expression.

We can currently see you on the set of the second season of “The Lolita Lobosco Investigation” as Agent Dumbledore. Can you also tell us about this experience and the atmosphere that was created on the set?

Yes, we are in fact the second season and I was also present in the first. The atmosphere on the set is very playful precisely because we are all together again. The link is due to the previous set, to the possibility of being able to work after a pandemic, a novelty for all of us. The set was harnessed, between masks and other desired protections, so there was a real detachment, strange to experience, for all of us. A joy, therefore, to meet again, for the second year, and be able to tell a much loved character, that of Lolita, played by Ranieri.

How were you received in Bari this year?

I was surprised to note that people recognized us and were happy to see us back there, happy with how we represented their city, Bari in fact.

From Naples to New York to face a new course of study related to acting. Tell us about how this adventure began?

I moved to New York at the age of thirteen with my family, to finish high school as well. I then returned to Naples for a year and then moved to Rome. I studied acting in Rome and then also studied in London with prominent names, graduating in English literature in the meantime.

Who is Gianpiero Rotoli in the newspaper?

I am a simple person, like many others. I have a dog, a Husky, with whom I love walking, discovering places steeped in nature that perhaps otherwise I would not have known. A dog also leads you to make different choices, such as deciding to travel by car to always discover new places that tend to enrich you in some way. Then there are friends, the many people you love and tend to nurture, especially post-processing, after being away for a few months. Then there is also a part related to writing that I love to carry on.

If we talk about writing, could you tell me if you would like to be able to devote yourself to directing?

I’ve already made a small direction, some time ago. A short film written and directed starring Anna Galiena, of which I was also the protagonist, in 2018. I’m working on other things that, maybe, I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

A role you wish you could lend a voice and face to?

I love dramatic stories, those in which the character has a strong emotional spectrum, a complication. I recently saw “Eight Mountains” and I really liked it. I would have gladly played one of the two roles.

What can you tell us about Gianpiero Rotoli’s artistic future?

After “Equalizer 3”, which will be released in September, there will be a series for Amazon Prime, with Kim Rossi Stuart, “Everybody Loves Diamonds”. I play Massimiliano, the lover of one of the protagonists of the series.

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