Giardina (Il Giornale di Sicilia): “Palermo is not at the top, the Bull has weakened”

In view of tonight’s match against Palermo we had a chat with those who know the rosanero environment very well

In view of tonight’s match, in which Torino will host Palermo for the 32nd of the Italian Cup, we had a chat with those who know the rosanero environment very well. This is Benedict Garden, journalist of the Giornale di Sicilia. These are his statements:

What Palermo did you see against Reggiana and which team should Torino expect?

“It is not the brilliant Palermo of the playoffs. It still has to break in and remove some rust, especially considering that the preparation was done below 40 degrees right here in Palermo, despite trying to train in the evening or late afternoon. The heat he was paid a lot already in the friendly match against Pisa. The team is therefore not in top form, but the group is essentially the same as last year and this is the strength of Palermo. Then there is Brunori: for 7 months he has seen the goal like no one and it is scary for how he manages to score in every way. He is a complete striker and with Reggiana he proved it. “

How much does the controversy of the resignation of coach and sporting director affect the moment of the team? Who do you think is the favorite to sit on the rosanero bench?

“The resignation has an impact because the team was very close to Baldini. The victory in the playoffs is thanks to him: the mental leap that allowed Palermo to win made him do it. In the regular season the team did not even look like a team that could think about the promotion, but then taking advantage of the enthusiasm of the square, there was the mental change: there the credit goes to Baldini. We are therefore facing a phase of mental restructuring for the post Baldini. favorite to replace him on the bench. Many here have positive feedback for Corini, because he is a flag of this team and in Serie B he did well, but we must also see what they want to do in Manchester. “

Much has been said about the change of ownership. What do you think the new group in command wants to do with Palermo? Why could they have chosen to invest in Palermo and not, for example, in Turin?

“The only answer I have been able to give myself is that Palermo is a club with almost zero debts. For the City Football Club this is a security situation. If there is one thing the group has here it is time to decide how much and how to invest. The investment is not to make Palermo a battleship, but to consolidate in Serie B and then gradually become an A team. but the company is healthy, new and has achieved results. This is why Palermo was attractive. In Turin, on the other hand, you can not only invest and strengthen, but you have to plug some gaps, which there is not in Palermo. This is why they invested here ” .

How do you think the situation of Torino from the outside?

“It seems similar to that of recent years but with a few less elements. When you lose Belotti you cannot consider yourself a strengthened team compared to the previous year. If you also lose Pobega, Brekalo and Bremer, and don’t replace them, from outside the club. the impression that the team has weakened. When you lose a lot of elements you have to give signals, but you are not doing it. However, there is still a month to go until the transfer market and Juric wants reinforcements. Last year he was partially satisfied and a nice Torino came out , but, at the moment, the grenades lack the extra push of those who have left. To date it is a team that has clearly weakened. “

Do you think that a quarrel like the one between Vagnati and Juric is incurable or do you give credit to the explanation issued by the Granata Dt?

“In Zamparini’s time there have been many similar scenes, perhaps even worse. It all depends on the personalities of the two. If this tension arises and ends for the good of Torino, then it can be healed, if instead one wants to work against the other. then everything is more difficult. If there is a lack of trust behind the anger, it is difficult to bring back such a crisis. Juric is someone who does not tell them, but it seems to me a kind of bad fight that makes the news but does not seem irremediable . Indeed, for Juric it is the best way to react better with a team situation and transfer market like this. “

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