Gigabyte saves new Intel processors in games with Denuvo

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November 23, 2021, 12:51

Gigabyte has released a patch for Intel Alder Lake processors. It eliminates problems with DRM systems in games by turning off innovative features ?? unfortunately only for Gigabyte album owners for now.

What?? We mentioned a long time ago that Intel Alder Lake processors do not like the presence of Denuvo DRM in games. The responsibility for the lack of the possibility to launch some titles and too low efficiency (in relation to the pure power) in some productions was burdened with energy-saving ?? E ?? cores. Gigabyte recently released a tool called DRM fix Tool that somehow fixes this problem? excluding live ?? less efficient CPU cores.

One of the earlier methods to solve this problem was to disable the ?? E ?? cores by yourself, using the BIOS, although they were then useless until the computer was restarted and the changes were reversed. The sudden need to turn off the innovative features on the new generation of processors looked a bit lame. However, Gigabyte has released a new tool for the Z690 motherboards that allows you to make “on-the-fly” changes.

It is worth recalling here that the 12th generation of Intel processors are based on a hybrid architecture, i.e. they use two types of cores ?? ?? P ?? (Performance) offer high efficiency, while the ?? E ?? (Efficiency) emphasize energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, the fix is ​​for now only intended for owners of Gigabyte boards with the Z690 chipset, with the latest BIOS version. It is not an ideal solution (and at best a temporary one), but at present it is practically the only one possible. However, we know that Intel is already working with game publishers to finally solve the Denuvo DRM problem and we should expect appropriate updates in the near future.

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  2. Gigabyte DRM fix Tool


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