Gilbert and Dioni, a stormy four-year relationship

Dioni Solorzano, a young woman living on the island of Roatan, disappeared on Sunday night along with two other women while they were traveling with her American ex-partner Gilbert Reyes. Gilbert Reyes.

Nikendra McCoy, Antonia Cruz and Dione Solórzano, aged between 20 and 30, were the three friends who were last seen Saw it on Sunday night, January 7th, hanging out at Coxen Hole in Roatan with Gilbert Reyes. Dioni Solórzano had just returned from the United States, where he was working on a work visa.

Gilbert Reyes, who lives in the United States, has often come to Roatán to visit his partner Dioni Solórzano since his return four years ago; however, the family claims that due to his Violence, she left him a year ago. They have a three-year-old son.

The vehicle driven by Gilbert Reyes was last seen driving toward Monte Placerero in Roatan on Sunday, and it is unclear where the three women were found. Whether to go there or not.

The families of three women were devastated after not hearing from them. They thought the worst because they knew Gilbert Reyes was a toxic person during his four-year relationship with Dioni Solorzano.

Dione Solórzano’s family never approved of the relationship because they claimed Gilbert Reyes was jealous, violent and armed, so they feared for the young woman and him Bad things happen when we are together.

The passenger car in which the three women took a walk with Gilbert Reyes has not been seen since Sunday, January 7.

On Tuesday, January 9, Roatan authorities were out verifying a report of a person lying on their back, allegedly believing it might be one of the missing persons; however, it was discarded.

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Roatan, Gulf Islands

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