gimbal, powerful speaker and 63W charger

Promotion on AliExpress on Black Friday is a powerful speaker, a 63W charger for everything, a gimbal and a car camera with 4K recording – all at heavily discounted prices and with discount codes.

The Black Friday sales in the AliExpress store are already in full swing. As part of the promotion, you can buy a cheaper Bluetooth speaker, an instant charger for a smartphone, laptop or tablet, and even a car camera at a reasonable price.

Promotion on AliExpress – attractive discounts on cool electronics

Are you looking for a powerful Bluetooth speaker with which you can easily start every party? If you care about more equipment and convenient portability, you can choose the 60W offer from Mifa. It has a very capacious battery, AUX input and dynamic LED backlight. All this has been sensibly priced, because you will pay only PLN 328 and you can count on free delivery from a German warehouse.

Promotion in AliExpress

The second proposition is a charger for the user who wants to charge all his devices from one source. With as many as 5 USB ports and an output power of 63W, you can connect a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch and wireless headphones to it and forget about the tangled cables on your desk. The Anker charger itself is surprisingly cheap, because it costs only PLN 156 – shipping is free.

Promotion in AliExpress

Do you drive a lot in long journeys by car and want to protect yourself in the event of a bump or an ambiguous situation on the road? Then it makes sense to equip yourself with a dashboard car camera. Such solutions are already very cheap and you can buy a model with 4K recording in the promotion for PLN 266. Here, too, you can count on free shipping from the Polish warehouse and a 3-day delivery.

Promotion in AliExpress

What else can you recommend for this sale in the AliExpress store? We have 3 more cool propositions at discounted prices:

Rebate codes and discounts for selected warehouses

We will start atypically with special coupons that are only valid in some warehouses.

  • $ 5 off purchases over $ 40 – FAST 5.
  • Minus $ 11 for orders over $ 80 – FAST 11.
  • $ 20 off over $ 150 – FAST 20.
  • $ 25 discount on purchases over $ 200 – FAST25.
  • Minus $ 50 for orders more than $ 200 – SURPRISE 2021.
  • $ 35 discount on purchases over $ 300 – FAST35.

As usual, on the occasion of a large sale campaign in the AliExpress store, we have a lot of regular discount codes for you. This time it looks like this:

  • $ 9 discount on orders over $ 60 – DISCOUNT BF.
  • $ 3 discount on orders over $ 28 – OFFERS BF.
  • $ 2 off over $ 20 – AEPROMO.
  • Minus $ 7 on orders over $ 47 – BFPROMOTION.
  • $ 9 discount on orders over $ 70 – MIRACLES.
  • $ 14 discount on purchases over $ 100 – AEPROMO2021.

The material was created in cooperation with the AliExpress store

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