Giorgia Meloni disputed in Palermo, clashes between police and demonstrators: a journalist also hit

Scuffles in Palermo between the police and some protesters who wanted to reach the square where Giorgia Meloni was holding her meeting

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Clashes between police and demonstrators on the sidelines of the speech by Giorgia Meloni to Palermo ahead of next Sunday’s elections. A group of protesters was first contained by the police cordon and then charged by the police. In the clashes it was a journalist was also hit.

Meloni disputed in Palermo

Tension last night, Tuesday 20 September, al election rally by Giorgia Meloni in Palermo for the elections of 25 September. In addition to the policies in Sicily there is also a vote for regional elections, with the center-right aiming to maintain the leadership of the Region.

While the president of the Brothers of Italy spoke from the stage, a group of protesters tried to reach the event in Politeama square, but the demonstrators were blocked by the police on the corner between via Principe di Belmonte and Ruggero.

Giorgia Meloni disputed in Palermo, clashes between police and demonstrators: a journalist also hit

A group of protesters at Giorgia Meloni’s rally

The demonstrators, about fifty people belonging to antagonistic groups and social centers, tried to reach the meeting in Meloni carrying signs with slogans such as “Better pig than fascist” and “I decide on my body”.

Clashes between police and demonstrators: a journalist also hit

According to reports Republicthe protesters were blocked by a police cordon before being able to arrive in Piazza Politeama, where Giorgia Meloni was holding her electoral rally.

After a short confrontation phase the police charged the protesters. Some have flown batons who, in addition to the protesters, also reached a chronicler of Republic.

In a note, the Palermo Police Headquarters reports that “containment initiatives” have been implemented to block “a group of fifty adherents to antagonist groups who tried to reach Piazza Politeama with the intention of disturbing the electoral initiative”.

In the clashes he remained an officer injured of the Digos, hit by a punch to the face. A protester was stopped and taken to the police station and released after a few hours.

Tensions even before the rally

The tensions in Palermo, however, are started several hours earlier with the intervention of Giorgia Meloni. Small groups of militants from left-wing associations and social centers were blocked already at the beginning of the electoral event of the Brothers of Italy.

The policemen stopped the activists to check what they were carrying in their bags and backpacks and urged them not to go near the stage.


Photo source: ANSA

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