Giorgia Soleri has fibromyalgia: it is the fifth diagnosis

“When I started talking about it, partly to exorcise and partly to avoid this nightmare for other people, I did not imagine everything that would then happen: a committee, a conference, a bill”. Giorgia has decided to give a voice to all those women who suffer in silence, because invisible diseases must no longer remain invisible, those who suffer from them must not surrender to pain and must not be abandoned.

It is with a Instagram post Giorgia tells of the diagnosis: “A few days ago the fifth arrived, with the same dynamic as all the others: doubts, incorrect diagnoses, disillusionment, resignation. Then, a name: fibromyalgia“.
The photo of his new “Together we are stronger” tattoo accompanies his words, and in that statement, “be stronger together”, Giorgia recognizes the closeness of the female community that finds strength in union, in huddling together and fighting for the same cause: “I would be hypocritical if I denied the mixture of terror and anger that pervaded my body after yet another diagnosis. But this time it was different. I found that sharing is an enriching journey and never one way, when you give something it always comes back to you. And empathy, love, support, closeness, silent hugs and loud gazes returned to me ”.

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Giorgia Soleri’s fight against illness and prejudice

Influencer, writer and activist for women’s rights, she defines herself as a “pooper feminist” and has been telling her story for years battle against those disabling diseases whose diagnosis came too late.
In fact, it took 8 years to receive the diagnosis of vulvodynia and pudendal neuropathy, and 11 years for endometriosis and adenomyosis. The diagnostic delay it not only brings with it frustration and pain, but also sometimes irreversible consequences: the chronicity of pathologies and the difficulty in treating and managing them.
Giorgia complains of having been victim of the invisibility of the diseases she is affected by, accused of being frigid, having a low pain threshold, suffering from anxiety and even making it all up. The feeling of not being listened to, the lack of trust and the pain marked all of Giorgia’s adolescent years, which she remembers as a real trauma.
He receives his first diagnosis in 2020 and from that moment on he promises to do everything in his power for prevent other people from living the same nightmare as youand he does so by starting to tell his story.
A story that led to the birth of the “Vulvodynia and pudendal neuropathy committee”And landed in Parliament with one law proposal filed both in the Senate and in the Chamber.

What is Fibromyalgia

There fibromyalgia it is a disease that it affects between one and a half million and two million people only in Italy, widespread in particular among the adult women from 25 to 55 years. He is thick difficult to diagnosebecause its symptoms are similar to many other clinical conditions, which is why it falls under the so-called “invisible diseases“. It mainly manifests itself with a intense pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is defined as a “syndrome” in that other clinical signs and symptoms coexist such as fatigue, stiffness, memory problems, mood changes, irritable bowel, heartburn, sleep disturbances associated with chronic fatigue, and what is termed “fibro-fog“, Literally” fibro-fog “, or a general difficulty in concentrating and carrying out simple mental elaborations.

Fibromyalgia: studies on the disease

It is a disabling disease whose causes are not yet known, but experts believe that a combination of factors can lead to the onset of symptoms. As reported by the portal of the San Donato Group, “probably it is one mixture of genetic and environmental factors. For example, stressful events such as illness, family bereavement, physical or mental trauma can induce the typical symptoms of fibromyalgia. It seems however Fibromyalgia syndrome is unlikely to be caused by a single cause; in fact, most patients are unable to identify a single event that caused the onset of symptoms “.
It is therefore important continue to study this pathologyin fact “more recent studies seem to imply alterations of chemical mediators such as central neurotransmitters or hormones; this could explain, for example, the sleep disturbances and the reduced pain tolerance threshold characteristic of this syndrome ”.

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What are invisible diseases and why it is important to talk about them

All those are thus defined diseases that are usually rare and difficult to recognizeoften incurable And not recognized by the health system, which does not cover the costs for examinations, visits and drugs. That type of pathology that “if it is not seen, it does not exist“And of which we talk too little. To arrive at a diagnosis it usually takes years and at the same time fight against prejudices of those who disqualify pain as a whim, a request for attention, a general poor tolerance. Because we are sometimes still victims of the thought that a woman should not fight pain, try to cure it to get better, but endure. In silence.
Giorgia Soleri herself said she had to wait years to get a diagnosis correct that he finally gave a name to his suffering and consequently started the treatment, and that is exactly what he says is enough. Thanks to her many other women are having the courage to denouncefinding the strength to fight against a dramatic and intolerable condition: that of feel invisible along with your pathology.

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