Giorgia Venturini, the dream wedding in Rome (with a baby bump). And Salemi grabs the bouquet

Glamorous wedding between Giorgia Venturini and Marco De Santis. The host of “X-Style”, pregnant in the seventh month and the entrepreneur said yes to the altar of the Basilica of San Marco in Campidoglio in Rome, then the reception in a fabulous villa on the Appia Antica.

Giorgia Venturini pregnant: she’s expecting a baby girl, that’s what she’ll be called

Among the wedding guests there are many VIP guests such as Giulia Salemi and Pierpaolo Pretelli, Barbara d’Urso, Paolo Brosio, Sarah Altobello, Giacomo Urtis, Fabiola Sciabarrasi, the honorable Antonio Saccone, Elisabetta Franchi and Giorgia Rossi.

Dress of lace and veil XL

For her most beautiful day Venturini chose a traditional dress with a very long veil and a white lace dress, which wrapped her belly and enhanced her silhouette. The groom, on the other hand, was very elegant and in a blue suit. The ceremony was romantic, and the atmosphere was perfect between flowers and lights. After the ritual and the banquet, a wild party followed in which the bride dressed in a dress wearing another one that emphasized her baby bump even more.

X-Style, previews: Giorgia Venturini leads the ninth episode. Tonight focus on Kristen Stewart

The bouquet collected by Giulia Salemi

After the yes, outside the church there was the launch of the bouquet that Giulia Salemi won. The joke of her boyfriend, Pierpaolo Pretelli, was immediate: “Love, we are next, let’s go and block the church”.

Giorgia and Marco the love story

Giorgia Venturini is 7 months pregnant and has announced that she will become the mother in August of a little girl who will be called Sole Tea. The presenter and the entrepreneur have been engaged for 9 years, “albeit with our ups and downs and our crises” as she had confided in an interview. Despite the difficulties, the love was stronger and was sealed with a dream party.

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