Giorgio Coraluppi, the Italian who invented videoconferencing, died: he was 88 years old

A giant that has changed technology, with ideas that are still used today by the main video call systems such as Zoom, Teams, FaceTime or WhatsApp. Graduated in Milan, he had lived in the US since the 1960s

The name may not say much, but the reason why Giorgio Coraluppi, who died on September 28, 2022 in Pittsburgh at the age of 88, is known to the whole world. Coraluppi was in fact the father of videoconferencing. Without him there would be no modern Skype, Zoom, Teams and others. First, in the 70s, the discovery of the algorithm that allowed, among others, NASA to connect thousands of technicians and engineers for the planning of launches of space missions. And without which even the systems and apps we use today would not have been born and which played a fundamental role for workers and schools during the pandemic lockdowns.


Coraluppi, born in L’Aquila on February 20, 1934, graduated in engineering in Milan and began working for Olivetti and Ibm. In the sixties he moved to the United States with his family (his wife Laura and then four children will arrive, one of whom still works today in his company). Here begins the journey that will lead the engineer to discover the videoconferencing algorithm and many other patents that earned him his entry, just two years ago, into the Hall of Fame of Space Technology. One above all, he managed to make the Ibm RP3X 64-Way Parallel Processor Prototype System supercomputer work, which, which later became DeepBlue, managed in 1997 to beat the world chess champion, then the Russian Kasparov, for the first time.

Until the last in the company

The engineer founded the Compuneticsthen the Compunetix, where his daughter Monica still works today, and Chorus Call. As you can read on the Pittsbugh Post Gazette website, until the last Coraluppi was always involved in his companies. Computenix is ​​now present in about 30 countries around the world and is the leading company in teleconferencing systems.

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