Giorgio Tirabassi, the serious heart attack and the rush to the hospital. His health conditions

The great actor and director Giorgio Tirabassi was struck by a terrible heart attack, immediate rescue intervention and the rush to the hospital. The emergency coronary surgery. Here are his health conditions.

A truly dramatic situation experienced by the highly successful actor and director Giorgio Tirabassi, things got really bad for him and health conditions heavily at risk. After the bad event, here’s how she is today.

We all know Giorgio Tirabassi, one of the best actors on the Italian cinema scene, but he has also built an important name for himself as he records. Giorgio was born in the capital and began to take his first steps in the entertainment world alongside one of the greatest, joins the company of Gigi Proietti and stays there for 10 years where he forms and builds the solid foundations for a stellar career.

After several appearances in important films comes the great notoriety thanks to the participation in several fictional beloved by the public, such as Police District, Flying Squad, High School Students that become real points of reference on the small screen and its increasingly beloved characters.

In Giorgio’s amazing career, where awards are not lacking, such as for example the David di Donatello won for the short film Non dire gattohowever, not everything has always been easy, he had to face a truly dramatic moment of his life, when he suffered a heart attack.

Giorgio Tirabassi the drama of the heart attack. His health conditions

Giorgio Tirabassi told of a truly devastating moment during his career, just as he was busy filming The Big Jump in 2019, began to experience symptoms of a heart attackthe rescue was immediate and then the rush to the hospital in Avezzano.

Afterwards he underwent emergency coronary surgery, a truly dramatic situation for the famous actor who in a moment really saw the situation precipitated quickly.

Following the operation Tirabassi remained for a few days in the hospital for observation, in the end everything went well thanks above all to the promptness of the rescue that they caught him in time and saved his life.

Giorgio Tirabassi

Giorgio Tirabassi the drama that changed his life

After this dramatic situation Giorgio Tirabassi has decided to change his life, he himself has confessed that following the heart attack and the terrible fear he decided he wanted to take care of himself, has definitively quit smoking and he prefers a less sedentary life so he chooses to walk whenever he can rather than use the car.

Giorgio Tirabassi

These changes had a major impact on his health, the same confirmed that he felt much better, that he had more energy.

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