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We had been right, and not surprisingly we had announced it well in advance. With a front page with a pleasant ironic flavor, and with the title in evidence, “The Betrothed”, which portrayed them side by side in photos. For the record, they were the political secretary of Italia Viva, the former premier Matteo Renzi, and the current MEP of the Democratic Party, Giosi Ferrandino. In that piece we had anticipated that the time was ripe for the passage of the former mayor of Casamicciola Terme and Ischia under the jacket of IV and now we can confirm that our indiscretions have found full confirmation and that among other things they have also noticed it in mainland, we mean from the media point of view. Definitely well-founded rumors, and which come from sources very close to the MEP, refer to a long conversation that Ferrandino allegedly had in Rome with Renzi, with whom he had already met last September when the Tuscan politician went to Bar Calise on Ischia to present the book “The Monster”. But that’s not all, because Giosi would also have also had a discussion with Calenda, who would have reassured him of the “nulla osta” for the candidacy for the European Parliament in 2024 as leader of the list and therefore with the election that should technically be guaranteed, it being understood that in politics everything is changeable.

Matteo Renzi during his visit to Ischia

But what will be the next moves of the MEP from Ischia and what do you expect to formalize the changeover to the “shirt”? Giosi Ferrandino expects that in November – if times and forecasts are respected – Italia Viva and Azione are founded and become a single political entity, so as to also have greater electoral weight which in the future of the elections is a far from negligible detail. Giosi’s time with the PD is now to be considered concluded, for him the spaces are closed: the former minister Lorenzo Guerini ended up in the rear, his reference Lello Topo was not re-elected, the party is struggling to reorganize itself and could paradoxically suffer a further loss of consensus with spaces that would inevitably shrink. And incidentally, no one would guarantee our fellow citizen one of the first places on the list. The only possibility capable of breaking the bank and causing events to take a different turn from “transmigration” is linked to the fact that the new secretary of the Democratic Party (Letta has already, as is known, announced that he will not run again ) could be the current mayor of Florence Dario Nardella, who would thus “rescue” that area to which the good Giosi also belongs. But you don’t need to go and consult the bookmakers’ odds to realize that we are dealing with a truly remote hypothesis and which at least today would be frankly sensational.

But we were talking about the Capitoline meetings of Giosi Ferrandino, who as an undisputed political strategist moves ahead of time and tries to anticipate events (and above all their possible harmful effects). Even the web portal Stylo24 suggests that the contacts between Ferrandino and Renzi have become even thicker than usual and then in a journalistic report he explains – referring to Giosi – that “His entry could be preparatory to strengthening national leaders. Italia Viva in Campania, in fact, is in a moment of great confusion with the regional secretariat on the side of the Roman leaders while the regional councilors, led by Nicola Caputo, faithful to the line of the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca. The latter has been attacked several times by Matteo Renzi and Ettore Rosato. Emblematic of the «war» with press releases, of last October 13, when in the morning the regional secretariat of IV issued a note to distance itself from the peace demonstration called by the tenant of Palazzo Santa Lucia. Words clearly denied, only after a few hours, by the regional councilors who claimed they wanted to be in the square to demonstrate together with the president of the Region “. In the introduction, Stylo recalls how real revolving doors are in place between Italia Viva and the Democratic Party with many big names trying to reposition themselves even if the next electoral deadlines, i.e. the European ones, are still far away. But when it comes to saving the seat, which we tell you to do, it’s never… too soon. In the meantime, however, here we are: from the betrothed to a fixed wedding, the step has been taken. Now all that remains is to announce the marriage, which Giosi obviously hopes will be long, lasting and not be characterized by those betrayals that are (too often) the order of the day in politics.

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