Giovanna Ewbank exposes details of her sex life and shocks Angélica

Giovanna Ewbank surprised by telling the list of men who have had sex on a podcast (Photo: Agnews)

Giovanna Ewbank surprised by telling the list of men who have had sex on a podcast (Photo: Agnews)

news summary:

  • Giovanna Ewbank revealed how many sexual partners she had in her life and a surprising number

  • Presenter said she regrets and said she should have enjoyed her singleness more

  • Bruno Gagliasso’s wife explained that she didn’t have as much experience before marriage

Giovanna Ewbank revealed on his podcast an intimate detail about his personal life. During the conversation with Angelica, the presenter exposed the number of sexual partners she had throughout her life. In the conversation, the artist took fans by surprise by stating that she had sex with only five men.

“I stayed with a lot of people, I had little sex, I had sex with five people in my life,” said Bruno Gagliasso’s wife. Angelica was perplexed by the information. “There’s something that now makes me sad,” she said.

Giovanna said that she always dated a lot. “I would have had sex a lot more. With a boyfriend, who I lost my virginity to at 18, I dated until I was 20. After a year single, and then I started dating Bruno and I never cheated. In that single year, I gave it to five different people”, explained the mother of Títi, 9, Bless, 7, and Zyan, who turned 2.

Bruno Gagliasso comments on alleged affair with Bruno de Luca

Recently released, “Quem Pode, Pod” has resonated with the public. In the premiere episode, the guest was precisely Bruno Gagliasso. At the time, he commented that, in 2009, a friend of Giovanna’s came to invent that he would have an affair with presenter Bruno de Luca.

“A pseudo-friend of Giovanna’s invented it, when we were starting [a se envolver]said to be very careful with me because, in fact, I was having an affair with Bruno De Luca”, he said.

According to Giovanna, she even questioned her husband. “When I started going out with Bruno, I asked him if he had an affair with Bruno De Luca. I believed a lot in the things I was told until I started to be the center of fake news”, justified the blonde.

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