GIRO proposes its educational measures, new FP centers and a municipal language school

[Img #192059]Although the full election schedule is available online so that it can be read by voters, who will have the opportunity to elect their new representatives on May 28, GIRO continues to offer precincts to make it easier to do so as well. citizens and with this, they get an idea of ​​what this independent party of Rota is proposing.

In this case, they have focused on measures that are related to the educational sector, where GIRO pays special attention, proposing to improve not only the infrastructure, but also other resources that, in their opinion, are needed to create society. Must serve a future that cannot be understood without training.

Within the established powers at the local level, this party, headed by Esther Ceballos-Zúñiga, is committed to working to provide the best resources for students, ensuring the status of educational centers, betting on new infrastructures that Maps complement local education, planning activities for the benefit of the educational community and promoting initiatives that benefit education at all levels.

The main measures are to create opportunities for young people so that they do not have to leave the rota while choosing the training option that can be developed in the rota, therefore, they propose to promote new vocational training centers while expanding the existing ones. Let’s keep , as well as university centers where careers or modules are taught in areas with business opportunities in the fields of renewable energy, new technologies, information technology, video game creation, graphic design, etc.

With regard to summer school, they plan to strengthen the service to provide meal service and extend morning class hours, with monitors looking after children with special abilities to cover the various schedules of parents/guardians. Let’s propose.

In addition, and after finding the lack of a language reinforcement program, they will bet on the creation of a municipal language reinforcement school to cover those families who lack the resources so that their children have the same opportunities as others, who yes They can afford it. Likewise, they will expand and improve the complementary activities offered in educational centers as an aid to the development of their curriculum offers.

GIRO also proposes to develop programs and workshops to promote knowledge among school children of the local historical, cultural and natural heritage, and they also offer educational programs for rota knowledge as part of the students’ training in educational centres. Will start a project of cultural tours. In addition, they will create a special brigade dedicated to the preventive maintenance of the school infrastructure in order to improve and guarantee their preservation in perfect condition, drawing up plans for improvement and improvement works in educational centers. They are also committed to working to promote the maintenance of air conditioning in educational centers, as they consider it intolerable for children to attend classes in frigid temperatures.

On the other hand, to promote relations between AMPAs they must, as a priority, involve the entire educational community in a genuine and enriching way in the educational process, promoting and favoring communication between the different centres.

To take advantage of educational spaces, they will bet on opening educational centers on weekends for recreational, educational and multifunctional use, as well as providing educational centers with recreational spaces to promote active, inclusive and healthy leisure.

They consider it necessary to expand and promote green areas in school spaces as a basis for environmental education, making students participate in them through the creation of gardens, planting trees or plants, so that from an early age they learn their importance. understand, and your care is needed. Similarly, they will encourage students to visit natural environments and animal centers (conservatories, dune sites, interpretation centers, etc.) to make them aware of the need to protect biodiversity, as well as to protect animals and Can also be told about the importance and respect of living beings. Creatures worthy of being co-inhabitants of man.

In addition, the independents stress the need for all educational centers to provide adequate bike racks to promote healthy mobility for the entire educational community. And finally, they seek to highlight the importance of education in values, such as respect for elders, empathy and volunteering, through activities of minors with elders and, in turn, through coexistence with childhood. Providing positivity to the elders and the youth.

These are some of the main measures that the GIRO party wants to move today, focusing on education, but all its proposals are available on its electoral program on social networks.

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