Gisela, Edern, Baillie Bassart… and now Mirela Cabrero in ‘The Little Mermaid’

disney movies mark childhood of manyThat’s why they want your voice to be one of them, it’s an honor for many artists, both dubbing actors and singers, who aspire to create unique emotions with their voices.

Themes that have gone down in history, soundtracks that are almost better known than the film they were made for, songs that are already hymns… Disney has a unique power, a special magic and Many famous voices are already part of its history..

the youngest will not remember, but when Gisela passed the casting and chosen to explain that star over there For peterpan 2 It was one of the best moments of the first edition of ‘Operacion Triunfo’. Their story will not end here, later they will collaborate again frozenGisela is who sings spanish version Let it go,

Auli'i Cravalho is no more Viana

Because more often than not it seems, a dubbing actress voices the character, after all, she’s drawn to it, and it is. a singer who is in charge of the music part, This is how Michelle Jenner and Bailey Bassart shared the role of Bella beauty and the Beast,

Musician Bailey Basart poses for photographers during the Los 40 Music Awards event.
Bailey Basarte poses for photographers at the Los40 Music Awards.
EFE / Katy Cladera

For many artists it is a dream, as it was for the channel, which apart from being successful in Eurovision also does abroad. “I found it a brutal challenge and I was very excited”She said that while confirming her new project, she will be the voice of the theme. blue star in the new version of pinocchio,

We are not only talking about reviews or sequels, but also about the original movies they need a soundtrack that hits or, but ask Maria Parado, winner of the voice kids In 2014 he performed the main theme of the film Moana,

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in California (USA).

Increasingly, Disney is betting on strong female lead and able to face any challenge, something that was already revealed with the premiere of Brave, a new movie we add to the list because they remind us Your Way Magazine, russian red She was in charge of dubbing the songs into Spanish.

The change in register for her, who usually sings in English, but that was not a deterrent to accepting the challenge, something like Sweet California didn’t even suspect, All three responded positively when they were offered to be a part of the soundtrack. big hero 6A film full of emotional moments, but also unbridled action and one very crazy car chase.

Before Interview with Orin Band, '20 Minutes'
Before an interview with Orin Band, ’20 Minutes’
George Paris

Before going our separate ways and starting our separate careers, Ourin was the group that played everywhereon hit radio, but also in the most exclusive movies, such as wreck it Ralph!‘, which bids farewell to its characters and lets the audience tap out with their credits when will I See You Again?The song which he interpreted.

We’ve talked about Gisela, but she’s not the only winner who’s attracted Disney to her voice, edurne lends his voice Dreamsong that was part of a new version of cinderellathat no one expected to hear it in the original. manuel carrasco He doesn’t need prince and princess movies, he composed his own and explained the theme Arlo’s journey,

'Kash: The Power of Desires'

Voices that are sometimes part of our memory without knowing to whom and what they are Invite us to review these movies With the new look, who’s involved?

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