Giulia and Alessia killed from the train, today the funeral. A shower of sunflowers for goodbye

Castenaso (Bologna), 5 August 2022 – Two flags closed on themselves by a black cloth, the streets of the town are silent. That’s how it started the city day of mourning for the funeral of the two Pisanu sisters, Alessia and Giulia , death hit by a Frecciarossa, at dawn on Sunday, at the Riccione station. The tragedy struck the country and left the whole of Italy speechless which, to date, has no explanation for what happened.

A large white crown , from the first light of dawn it stood out in front of the church of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio in via XXI ottobre. From 8, then, always in the church began the funeral home and a silent and sad procession began to alternate to bring a memory, a greeting to the two young deceased sisters. At the entrance of the church, also in view of the function that will begin at 10.30, there is a table: a pad and some pens are available to all those who wish to leave a greeting that will then remain with the Pisanu family.

Inside two white coffins with the names engraved on them and a shower of white flowers and sunflowers, I am at the altar for the last farewell. The church is overflowing with flowers : some of friends, some institutional ones from both the Municipality of Castenaso and Riccione, some of colleagues of the family, of the local Judo Club, but also of some places, such as bars and restaurants, where they used to go.

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Giulia and Alessia Pisanu the funeral

“It will be a pain – the uncle of the high school students whispers in tears Sabin -, something that cannot be explained. They were golden girls, at their age you can’t die like that “. To announce the farewell, open to all because the sisters” were very well known and loved in the village “, was the Pisanu family itself,” heartbroken by the ‘immature and tragic death of the beloved Giulia and Alessia “.

The hug

“A day of immense pain”, says the mayor Carlo Gubellini, very close to the Pisanu, who proclaimed city mourning. Shutters of shops lowered, events canceled out of respect and solidarity with the family of Sardinian origins. With Gubellini and other representatives of the administration, there will also be colleagues from the Municipality of Bologna, the Metropolitan City, the Region, in addition to the mayor of Riccione Daniela Angelini, then representatives of the Police Headquarters (of Bologna and Rimini who directed the investigations) were announced on the tragic accident) and Prefecture.

“Castenaso – explains the Municipality in a note – hugs family and friends in an enormous embrace, filled with a comfort that now seems impossible. The many questions that crowd the hearts of the community will be silent to make room for memory, in the last farewell. The family, who in recent days has thrown open the gate of their home to the condolences of many people, expressed the desire for a simple ceremony at the end of which the two coffinches will be led on foot towards the municipal cemetery “.

So many why

To celebrate the holy mass will be don Francesco Vecchi and don Giancarlo Leonardi . “I met the parents – he explained the other afternoon the first -, I tried to bring some comfort in such a tragic and devastating moment. Let’s pray for them. Now a bit of reserve after so many words”. Words and solidarity for Vittorio and Tania who since Sunday have been literally inundated by the love and affection of relatives (many who have come from Sardinia), friends but also simple acquaintances who have made the commute to the villa of Madonna di Castenaso, between via Carlina and via Montanara . “I can’t rest – Tania continues to say -. How could all this have happened to my girls?”. The mother of Alessia and Giulia, who arrived in Castenaso on Tuesday morning from Romania, her country of origin, shakes her head in tears. “I can’t find the words to say what I’m feeling right now, – she repeats to those close to her -. I keep asking myself questions about what happened without finding the answers, they were young but responsible”. A lot of people are expected for the last farewell and for this reason an impressive order service has been provided, directed by the carabinieri of the Company of San Lazzaro and by Lieutenant Antonino Fallo.

The Inquiry

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The reconstruction of what happened on Sunday at dawn, after a night in the disco, is now increasingly clear, even if the cameras in the Riccione station, while working, have not recovered the impact. Among the stories of the eyewitnesses (6 so far) heard by the Romagna Polfer, the one made by the driver of the Red Arrow . The train, headed to Bologna , did not have to stop in Riccione. The driver sees a first silhouette in the distance. It is that of Giulia, the eldest of the sisters (17 years old). Giulia is there, “as if petrified”, tell other witnesses. “He was in the middle of the track, stop with his gaze in the direction of the train “, says the machinist . A few moments and he also sees Alessia, the younger sister (15). At first sitting on the platform, she goes down to the platform to take Giulia away. For a moment she tries to go back to the dock, to save herself. But it’s late.

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