Giulia Costa, I actually broke down crying after a live-Justin Bieber


Giulia Costa, has shown that is also why, when it comes to their idols. The actress is the daughter of Flávia Alessandra, took to his Instagram Stories in the early hours of Thursday (the 26th) for the show, as it was after a live-Justin Bieber.

Surprised, she considered that to live with a musician, a canadian, has had a connection to was interrupted. “Justin Bieber, I love you.” It will be a day when I’m going to overcome Who? The 20-year-guy. The effects of the quarantine?”, also, wrote Julian, which has become a reason of ridicule of her mother and sister in the united states.

“Guys, you’re getting it all wrong, creating a task force of community news. I was in tears just because it’s live, it fell, after all. He was singing the old songs and I remembered every moment that we have lived together,” she teased the brunette.

“He called you, sent you a request [risos]”stopped Flávia Alessandra, chuckling.

“No, mother, for God’s sake, is going to confuse people… it’s a lie. He was singing the songs of old, and I got a little excited and started to cry,” said the actress. The united states also has proved to the sister: “in the middle?! a half?!”.

The family is well-known that it is isolated due to the coronavirus, showed off her residence recently, and she left the web, in shock.

Reproduction / Instagram
Image: Reproduction / Instagram



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