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Giulia Costa and Lola (Photo: Personal archive)

Giulia Costa and Lola (Photo: Giulia Costa/ Personal archive)

Giulia Costa has been in Fortaleza (CE) for about five weeks – where she will be working for two months – and does not hide one of the most difficult parts of being away from home: the longing for Lola, the 13-year-old bulldog from which is tutor. The 22-year-old film student, who still cannot reveal the project she is taking part in in the Northeast of the country, has even made a video call to talk to the dog.

“It’s that longing that hurts. I can’t see myself without her, who is my greatest companion”, confesses Giulia, in a conversation with the Animal life. “During the pandemic, I became more attached to Lola, we were more at home, more attached. I went through some complicated mental health moments during this time of social isolation and she didn’t leave my side in any second. Animals sense when we need affection, no doubt about it. Also, she sleeps in my bed. So, really, the heart is tight as ever,” she adds.

In addition to Lola, Giulia lives with Totó, a 5-year-old Pomeranian from her sister, oliviain the house where he lives with his mother, Flavia Alessandraand the stepfather, Octaviano Costa. “It was Otaviano who gave me Lola as a gift, when I was 8 years old, to keep my other dog company, who, unfortunately, has passed away”, he says.

Giulia Costa and Totó (Photo: Instagram/@giuliacosta/Reproduction)

Giulia Costa and Totó (Photo: Instagram/ @giuliacosta/ Reproduction)

“I dream of having a very large plot of land to rescue animals”

Giulia is one of those people who, if she could, would have dozens of animals at home. “I dream of having a very large plot of land to be able to rescue and pamper as many dogs as possible. I love these animal rescue projects that try to reintroduce them to their natural habitat as well. Miley Cyrus once saved a pig from slaughter and kept it, and I dream of one day doing that”, she assumed, between laughs.

She doesn’t have many pets yet, but for a special cause. “Lola discovered skin cancer, underwent surgery several times trying to remove it, underwent chemotherapy treatment, so she demands a lot of attention, just like a new dog would demand at home. But she is better, thank God,” she explains.

Giulia Costa when she won Lola, at age 8 (Photo: Personal archive)

Giulia Costa when she won Lola, at age 8 (Photo: Giulia Costa/ Personal archive)

Veganism and relationships

Giulia’s affection for animals is so great that it made her make an important decision in her life a few years ago: to become a vegan. “At first, I confess that my only motivation was the love for animals. But later, studying and researching more, I understood the importance of vegetarianism for animals, for the planet and even for us”, she teaches.

This choice can even influence the relationships of Giulia, who is currently single. “Without a doubt, I find it impossible to have a relationship with a person who I don’t like, who disrespects or even just doesn’t care about animals. In fact, I’m even changing my perspectives, the person being that first-class carnivore is something that has bothered me a little too,” she confesses.

Other than that, Giulia participates in campaigns and helps NGOs in favor of animals. “Both for dogs and cats, and for wilder animals. I think this cause is very important and necessary, even more so in a society like ours, which still insists on zoos, circuses with animals, etc.”, she declares.

Giulia Costa and Lola (Photo: Personal archive)

Giulia Costa and Lola (Photo: Giulia Costa/ Personal archive)

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