Giulia De Lellis Instagram, hot in her look from Britney Spears, but the flywheel criticism: “that’s it, you’re ridiculous!”

With his eyes crazy and his physical dream, Giulia De Lellis has enchanted the hearts of many italians. These days, she returned to the attack and his every post is full of sensuality and seduction. A beauty out of the ordinary. Class 1996 and has made itself known by participating in the program Men and Women and then the next year the reality show Big Brother VIP. This has been a real springboard for his career. Now Giulia has found its way and is in all respects a model and an influencer. His account Instagram offers the beauty of more than four million followers.

giulia de lellis

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The quarantine of Giulia De Lellis

It seems that the quarantine is pulling out the best of Giulia De Lellis. It was a bit’ that we do not delighted with the photos, spicy, and now seems to have gone back on the attack. It does not end here, because she, like many of her colleagues, chose to see the glass as half full and in this situation has found a positive side. Have more time to tighten the bond with their followers. The fashion bloggers don’t stop at this time. Besides this, the bella Giulia is organising the direct where you give lots of beauty tips and who better than her can talk about this.

The photos ” hot ” and ” comments

Are his post-baking to be really crazy fans. Her look a little style Britney Spears in “Baby One More Time” unleashes conflicting emotions in the viewer. Sweetness for her to be young and innocence. Mischief to sensuality and her gorgeous body. His latest post is a series of selfie-made in the mirror. Giulia wears a sporty look that hugs her beautiful curves. You can clearly see the slip and in a matter of this drove the web crazy. Despite the sensuality are all against her. The main reason is the fact that the De Lellis seems to be back with Andrea Damante. “You’re ridiculous” “You did before to take the picture without pants?” are some of the comments under the photo. Or “Put is in the photo with Andrea on!” and even “Hot and horny”.

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