Giuseppe Conte and the idea of ​​a march for peace: “Without political flags, to relaunch Italy’s diplomatic role”

A manifestation for peace, without flags policiesto give the Italians the opportunity to invoke a diplomatic solution to end the war in Ukraine. And again: a new role for the EU, so far too flat on American strategy and which must now promote an international conference to be held in Europe under the aegis of the United Nations and with the involvement of the Vatican. This is the recipe proposed by the leader of the 5 Star Movement Joseph With youwhich in an interview with Avvenire has relaunched the proposal of a great event pacifist in Italy. “Citizens who live with concern about the ongoing military escalation may find themselves demonstrating to call for a negotiation breakthrough that will put an end to the conflict,” said the former premier, who deplored “The obsession with a hypothetical military victory over Russia, which in the meantime continues its brutal and unjustifiable policy of aggression ”. But this “is not worth the risk of an escalation even with recourse to the use of weapons nuclear and unconventional and to face a severe economic depression from which it will be difficult to get out ”.

“EU PROMOTER OF A CONFERENCE OF PEACE” – The march for the peace“Without flags”, which would not weaken Italy’s international position: “On the contrary – said Conte – it would strengthen the leadership of Rome on the path of diplomacy, involving the other EU partners and getting out of this situation in which theEurope it is ‘not received’, as it is totally flattened on an Anglo-American strategy ”. A very serious mistake according to the M5s leader: “We are talking about a war on European soil, and, at present, even a possible peace negotiation would take place over the heads of our countries. A collapse of credibility is expected for the whole European Union“. Solution? “The EU must promote an international peace conference, to be held in Europe under the aegis of the United Nations, with the full involvement of the Vatican“.

APPEALS TO MANIFEST FOR PEACE – Returning to the wish of With you to organize a peace march, currently none manifestation has been fixed. Really territories and on the web the request to take to the streets has been circulating for days with invitations addressed to Popular Union and its components, to the CGILthe left parliamentary forces and al M5s. The solicitation has been collected for now by Popular Union. The spokesperson Luigi De Magistris launched the proposal on twitter: “It is time to organize with the entire pacifist front a demonstration against the war of the governments and for the peace of the peoples. Only peoples can stop the race tonuclear holocaust”Wrote the former mayor of Naples, who launched his appeal:“ People’s Union exists, let’s unite! ”. Also Maurizio Unripenational secretary of Rifondazione Comunista and in the coordination of Unione Popolare, has launched his appeal “to all political, social, trade union, cultural forces that do not share the sending of weapons and are perplexed or opposed to the use of sanctions. In the name of article 11 of the Constitution let’s build a great united demonstration for peace and the immediate opening of negotiations. What do you expect? Passivity is also complicity with the war“. An appeal, that for a great demonstration of peace, which is not found only in the M5s. To be noted, in this sense, also the approval of some representatives of the Pd area, such as the former president of the Chamber and current deputy Laura Boldrini: “A demonstration for peace, organized by associations, would fill a void. The continuation conflict should not be taken for granted, it is necessary to mobilize, make one’s voice heard and push in the direction of one political-diplomatic action aimed at silencing the weapons as soon as possible – he said – Precisely because Putin is a warmonger it is necessary to insist, following the words of Dad Francisworking to get both parties involved to sit around a table and give life to negotiations not facade. The constant escalation both military and verbal it makes concrete the nuclear threat, which must be averted, securing the world from this terrible danger ”. Also noteworthy is the intervention of the former parliamentarian dem Vincenzo Vita: “Let’s join the initiatives and converge on a general appointment. We collect the words of Pope Francis, whether you are lay people or believers, ”he wrote on Twitter.

DE LUCA GOES ON HER BEHALF – Waiting for the idea of ​​a manifestation national for peace actually takes shape, there are those who anticipated the times. This is the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Lucawhich called for the morning of Saturday 8 October “a meeting with representatives of institutions, volunteers, the world of school and culture, to prepare for Naples, a great demonstration for peace, preceded by dozens of initiatives in the territories “. The announcement of the former mayor of Salerno it is also accompanied by the De Luca thought: “The annexation of the Ukrainian regions by the Russiaand the ever closer threat of use of atomic devices, have brought about a serious and dramatized unheard of the story of the war. It is essential to promote an extraordinary mobilization to spread awareness of the enormous dangers facing us and the world of work – he said – It is essential to create a climate of strong pressure on Governments, on States, on diplomacy, in the direction of peace ”. And again: “The first objective – he added – is that of a cease-fire one month, to give space to national and international organizations, ad religious authorities and morals, to the world of culture, for the development of peace initiatives. If you take a step further towards the atomic weapons there will be no more guilty and innocent, but only dead and holocaust ”.

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