Gkay participates in “TVZ” with Pedro Sampaio and makes a “cover” of Rihanna with DJ

Gkay was the more than special guest of the “TVZ” this Monday (20). After all, the current season is being presented by Pedro Sampaiowith whom the influencer has already had a affair. However, it did not rememberbut had enough laughter! The two talked about the Farofa da Gkayfame and even had a cover of “work“, partnership between Rihanna and Drake. Check out!

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Gessica Kayane barely arrived at the studio of the “TVZ” and there has already been a DR between the influencer and Pedro Sampaio. As stated earlier, the two had an affair in the past. And despite being good friends these days, the DJ revealed that Gkay was jealous of some of the guests who were on the show throughout its run.

Despite the jokes and implications throughout the program, Pedro Sampaio and Gkay showed that they still have a lot of intimacy.


And as they are very good friends, Pedro Sampaio decided to play with Gkay. The DJ asked the influencer to talk about the Crumbs while eating a plate of… crumbs! Did this work, guys?

I can already tell that there was no lack of laughter in the “TVZ” tonight, huh? To top it off, they even put on a performance of “work“, partnership between Rihanna and Drakeand tried to recreate the clip from “I’m a Slave 4U“, by Britney spears. Look:

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