Glance at the canceled Spider-Man 4 video game

If this morning  “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, the video game released by Insomniac Games for PlayStation 4, was news thanks to the supposed sequel that the study would be currently developing, today it is the turn to focus on another title of the treasures that, unfortunately, He never saw the light. We refer of course to “Spider-Man 4”, the game that was going to be released along with the fourth instalment of the Sam Raimi saga, which we remember for a while was very close to being a reality.

The title, whose development began along with Raimi’s cancelled film, was in charge of Eurocom ( “Mortal Kombat 3 and 4”“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” …) and was going to be released for Nintendo Wii. However, Sony’s decision to restart Spidey’s franchise ended the project. Luckily, thanks to Gaming Alexandria, a website dedicated to the protection and conservation of video games, we have the opportunity to see and test this failed title.

While it is true that when the game was cancelled it was in the early stages of development, the copy of the prototype to which Gaming Alexandria has had access is advanced enough so that we can get an idea of what we would have found at play it.

Apart from showing that we could have enjoyed a replica of New York with an open world, a concept that was already introduced in the “Spider-Man 2” game , the analysis of the copy confirms that the Vulture was going to be the great villain of this story, a character that until now had remained forgotten.

Then we leave the video with the analysis and a few screenshots of the game:

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