Glass Onion and the tribute to the giallo genre, not everyone noticed that truly incredible cameo

glass onion has transformed Knives Out into a film series, giving lifeblood back to the thriller genre. Director Rian Johnson wanted to pay homage to the tradition of murder mystery with one cameo in particular.

Johnson loves cameos

glass onion arrived in December on the Netflix streaming platform and has since conquered the most with the new investigation of the detective played by Daniel Craig, Benoit Blanc. This film and its predecessor revitalized the genre whodunnitcovering it again with appeal.

Rian Johnson is certainly one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now – especially following his directorial role on Star Wars: The Last Jedi – and has a network of acquaintances at his disposal which he uses to fill his films with unpredictable cameos.

Knives Out And glass onion they don’t make a difference. Between the two films there are numerous cameos of personalities even far from show business: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (featured in all of Johnson’s films, both in major and cameo roles), Serena Williams, Yo-Yo Ma or Hugh Grant are just some of the names featured in the films.

One cameo in particular, however, has a deeper meaning than the others and, above all, is present in both films. In fact, Johnson decides to pay homage to the tradition of the genre murder mystery with the presence of Angela Lansburyfamous for her role as Jessica Fletcher in the television series Murder, she wrote.

Who is Angela Lansbury and what does she mean for the yellow genre?

Angela Lansbury is known by all. Those who grew up with their grandparents, or simply found themselves doing from time to time zapping television will surely have come across the ten-year investigative series Murder, she wrote. Many of us are also fond of it.

The television series is one of the most famous globally audiovisual products when it comes to the yellow genre. You think that Murder, she wrote received two Golden Globes (out of six nominations) and for many years held the record for the most nominations in the categories “Best Actress” at the Golden Globes and “Best Drama Series” at the Emmy Awards.

Johnson’s willingness to involve Angela Lansbury in the series Knives Out can therefore only warm the heart. His cameo in glass onion it was her last role in entertainment as Lansbury passed away on October 11, 2022 at the age of 97.

Angela Lansbury is also featured in the former Knives Out?

The cameo of the British actress in glass onion it escapes only the less attentive. We see her in a video call together with basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, actress Natasha Lyonne and composer Stephen Sondheim (who also died a short distance from filming, on November 26, 2021).

The four celebrities are engaged in a game of Among Us with Benoit Blanc himself, e Lansbury sports the nickname “MSheSolved”quote from the original title de Murder, she wroteor Murder, She Wrote.

On the other hand, what can be more easily forgotten is that Angela Lansbury and the series that made her immortal are also featured in Knives Out, in the scene where the protagonist Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas) returns home and watches television with her mother. On TV we see broadcast right Murder, she wrote.

With these little butts Rian Johnson demonstrates his appreciable will to express respect for what made the history of the crime genre and which, without a doubt, formed him as a creative.

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