Global fund Response COVID-19 $ 50 Million : Sofia Vergara and Kiva are teaming up to launch the Global Fund Response COVID-19 | International


The organization Kiva launched the Global Fund Response COVID-19, an initiative with which you seek to collect more than $ 50 million to give relief to small businesses affected by the pandemic.

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The director of investments of the organization, Nicholas Lafaye, said in The W that through the web page any person can join the network of partners are collecting the money.

The management of this fund is done in each country by means of organizations working with the aim of helping small businesses. In the case of Colombia, the fund is managed by the Fundación Santo Domingo.

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We are not talking about donation, it is a loan that has a social return” said Lafaye and clarified that the only thing that will be charged will be a rate of interest for the operating costs of the fund.

Actress Sofia Vergara is promoting this initiative through their social networks thanks to its commitment to small businesses.

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