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“Few people believed in us before the championship. Not only on TV, but in general”

Andreas Wolff in the Champions League match won by Łomża Vive Kielce 32:30 against the defender of the title – Barcelona – came out in the main line-up on Thursday. He played the whole game. Reserve goalkeeper, Polish representative Mateusz Kornecki did not appear on the court for a moment. Wolff did not need a rest or a change because he was doing very well. He saved fifteen shots and had 33.3 percent. effectiveness. His good form was appreciated by the journalists of the European Handball Federation and they selected him for the best “7” of the seventh round of the Champions League.

Spaniards devastated after Barcelona's defeat! Spaniards devastated after Barcelona’s defeat! “Greater Kielce has desecrated the fortress”

The wonderful Wolff parades highlighted

Wolff received such a distinction for the first time this season. Earlier they were awarded to Alex Duyshebajew (for the match against Telekom Veszper), Szymon Sićki and Dylan Nahi (for the match against Flensburg) and Sigvaldi Gudjonsson for the match against Porto.

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The EHF experts also appreciated the two great interventions of Andreas Wolff in the last minute. The German first defended the Frenchman Dik Memy’s long throw, and after a while the former player of Łomża Vive Kielce, Slovenian Blaz Janec. These two defenses were considered the prettiest on this line.

– I am very happy because it was the first match in a long time in the Champions League where I helped the team. This is a step forward for me. I have to do another now, because that’s the only way I can help in winning the trophy – said Wolff after the game.

Let us remind you that the German was criticized at the beginning of the season, but now he is doing better and better. – Andreas Wolff was to be the star of the team and lead Łomża Vive Kielce to the Final Four of the Champions League. He is currently broken, completely out of shape and who knows if he will fulfill the long-term contract – sport.pl wrote after his disastrous performance in the lost match with Dinamo Bucharest 29:32.

Arkadiusz Moryto was also awarded by the EHF for the match against Barcelona. In the first half, he showed a wonderful goal in counterattack. Winger of Łomża Vive Kielce was great in this action on the wheel. He got the ball from Kulesz and was heavily attacked by Luka Cindricia. However, this did not prevent him from making a dribble with the ball and when he was already fouled and falling onto the floor, he effectively lobbed one of the best goalkeepers in the world – Gonzalo Perez De Vargas.

The EHF journalists considered Gol Moryty as the second most beautiful in this series.

This is the table after the victory of Łomża Vive with Barcelona.  Perfect situation!This is the table after the victory of Łomża Vive with Barcelona. Perfect situation!

The best 7th round of the Champions League:

  • Goalkeeper: Andreas Wolff (Łomża Vive Kielce)
  • Left winger: Hugo Descat (Montpellier)
  • Left-back: Dmytro Horiha (Motor Zaporozhye)
  • Central playmaker: Jim Gottfridsson (Flensburg-Handewitt)
  • Playmaker: Kent Robin Tonnesen (Flensburg-Handewitt)
  • Right winger: Niclas Ekberg (THW Kiel)
  • Wheeled: Mohamed Mamdouh Shebib (Dinamo Bucharest)

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