Goalkeeper who stopped Messi and CR7 can play at Inter in 2023

Internacional showed interest in the signing of goalkeeper Diego Alves, from Flamengo. The first polls took place in the last transfer window and São Paulo also monitored the situation, according to the Goal website.

The portal also brings the information that the goalkeeper will fulfill the contract with Flamengo until December 2022. In this way, Diego Alves will be available on the market to sign with any team from January 2023.

The situation allows Internacional to sign a pre-contract with the archer in July, during the transfer window. Even with the possibility of an agreement, the tendency is for the goalkeeper to remain in Rio de Janeiro until December.

Clube do Povo has Daniel and Keiller among the options of goalkeepers in the squad, but the direction sees the need for a more experienced athlete in the position. Diego Alves is 36 years old and won several titles for Flamengo in recent years.

In addition to his spell at Flamengo, the archer was featured in Valencia, Spain. During his time with the team, Diego Alves showed that he can be an important penalty taker, as he defended kicks from Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Signing a Flamengo player has already worked out at Inter

Recently, Internacional signed the 29-year-old left-back Renê. The player assumed the absolute ownership in the position and appears as one of the biggest highlights of the team in the beginning of the Brasileirão.

“I left (Flamengo) mainly because I need new air, new challenges. I’m a guy who likes to make history wherever he goes. I spent six years at Sport, five and a half years at Flamengo, and I hope to spend many years here”, commented the defender.

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