God of War for PC promoted by NVIDIA. The Sony game supports NVIDIA Reflex

God of War will soon hit personal computers and Sony’s production has been used to promote the new technology. NVIDIA is using the adventures of Kratos to show the possibilities of NVIDIA Reflex.

God of War (2018) can be safely classified as one of the most interesting premieres of January, as PC users will soon get to know the story. When sharing a position on the new platform, the developers drew on the potential of various technologies offering the best experience. Additionally, it will be the first opportunity for a new audience to get acquainted with IP – the god of war has never visited personal computers before.

PC gamers will see, among other things, the possibilities of NVIDIA Reflex, which it provides “Revolutionary combination of graphics cards, G-SYNC displays and software techniques that measure and reduce system latency”. According to the assumptions, the technology should be used in e-sports productions or positions focusing on online competition, while in the latest Kratos adventure, we can also count on the adopted solutions.

Over the past year, NVIDIA has significantly expanded its ecosystem, and has now announced more mice and monitors, as well as titles that draw on technology. In addition to God of War, we will soon be able to check out NVIDIA Reflex in games such as: GRIT, Rainbow Six Extraction, Midnight Ghost Hunt, Ready or Not and Super People.

“NVIDIA Reflex dynamically reduces system latency by combining GPU and gaming optimizations. Enable low-latency Reflex mode on top tournament games like Apex Legends, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege to increase responsiveness. Coupled with the powerful computing power of GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, Reflex gives you the responsiveness you need when every millisecond counts. ”

Gamers must have the right hardware, but if you’re using the latest NVIDIA GPU series and your monitor supports G-Sync, you’ll probably feel the difference in gameplay.

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