God of War PS4 Is Playable on PC, From Now On: Here’s How

Sony has long confirmed the arrival of a new chapter of God of War expected on PS4 and PS5 consoles and developed once again by the Santa Monica studio.

Considering the excellence of the first episode of the soft reboot series of the adventures of Kratos, there is much anticipation for the next odyssey of the God of War and his son Atreus.

The sequel, still lacking a true official title and known at the moment as God of War Ragnarokpromises to be just as memorable.

From today, July 6, God of War has joined the PlayStation Now catalog, along with other very interesting titles.

As of today, the title is available exclusively on PS4 and PS5, but now PC gamers can get their hands on the game for the first time ever.

God of War is in fact playable on PC thanks to its debut on the PlayStation Now subscription service (via GameRant ).

By giving users instant access to hundreds of games, PC owners who wish to play God of War on their preferred platform will be able to do so without any problems.

How to play God of War on PC

Simply download the PlayStation Now app, sign up for the service, and have a DualShock 4 at your fingertips, as well as obviously having a good Wi-Fi connection for streaming gaming.

Once this is done, you will then be able to enjoy the complete God of War experience also on PC (perhaps waiting for a real conversion to be announced).

A good (further) way to pass the wait for the second chapter of the Norse saga of Kratos, recently postponed to 2022 after the announcement that it was out in 2021.

Recall that at the moment Bloodborne is the most played PlayStation Now title on PC ( even if the ranking is really very rich ).

Still on the PlayStation side, just today Sony announced a new State of Play for this week, providing the first references for the content that we will see shortly.

Finally, have you already seen all the goodies offered this month to subscribers to the PlayStation Plus service?

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