Golf balls will become somewhat like De Bruyne: Who is Liverpool’s newcomer Dominic Szoboszlai?

it was time. Jordan Henderson’s feet are no longer the same. And, like his former captain at Anfield, Fabinho has been tempted by an adventure in Saudi Arabia. James Milner, who despite his 37 springs is still in top physical form, has taken over the management of Brighton. As for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Naby Keita and Arthur Melo, who were often sidelined by injuries, they too were able to pack their bags, never managing to express their talents on the banks of the Mersey Get it. Suffice it to say that Liverpool’s midfield is in ruins.

Given the disappointing season, Jurgen Klopp had to refresh his ranks in the middle. But, instead of gradual change, the Germans deserved a complete revolution. It should be said that he did not take into account the surprise departures of Henderson and Fabinho. Along with Milner, these two men were essential pawns during the Reds’ last great epics. He made 1,063 appearances in total under Klopp’s leadership.

Revival, it will likely be through youngsters like Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliott and Stefan Bajetic. But also, and above all, being attracted to Liverpool by new faces. The price of Jude Bellingham cooled the passion, Alexis McAllister was the first to strengthen the group. Union SG defender Kevin’s brother set up the opposite way for Milner. The world champion not only caught the attention of the club’s recruiting cell at the World Cup, but also when he guided Brighton to an impressive sixth-place finish last season.

While the Schnauzers spent €42 million on the Argentine, Dominik Szoboszlai cost €28 more (the amount of his release clause at RB Leipzig). At 22, the Hungarian has great responsibilities to shoulder. And a huge void to fill. Going by his (linear) career within the Red Bull Galaxy and his last performances in the Bundesliga, he has all the required abilities. “I am a player who likes to take risks because you show that you are not afraid of anythingthey once launched france football, I am not afraid of anyone or anything.

Not even to take away Steven Gerrard’s iconic number 8. And in fact, Szoboszlai was also inspired by the Reds’ symbolic captaincy announcement for his first tattoo: “Talent is a gift from God but without willpower and humility it is useless”Can we read on his arm. “Potentially he could already be one of the best midfielders in the Premier LeagueChallenged adviser Dietmar Hammann, formerly of Liverpool and now in Germany. He can reach the level of Kevin de Bruyne.”

dad’s academy and no lego

For Dominik Szoboszlai, it all started because of father Zsolt, also a former professional. “I have never seen Lego or children’s games like that; there was only footballthe 22-year-old said.


“Maybe he is already one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. He could reach the level of Kevin De Bruyne.”

His father, who always had ambitions to re-train as a coach after his professional career in Hungary, took his son under his tutelage. He also set up an academy to oversee Dominic’s training: the Phoenix Golf FC Academy. except for one season (Editor’s note: the one he spent at the MTK training center)He was always my coach until I joined the Red Bull Academy. My father was my role model.”

Throughout his apprenticeship the emphasis was always on technique and the short pass. Sometimes in specific ways, such as being forced to train with a golf ball in each hand. The idea was to strive for perfect technique, while controlling the ball in less-than-ideal conditions. Since the players’ hands were clasped, they could not grab or push the opponent. Under Zsolt’s leadership, the goal was always to find “Best Technical Solution”Explained to the main interested party.

Red Bull with Tedesco and Mitra Haaland

His talent immediately caught the attention of Red Bull. Szoboszlai left his father’s academy at the age of sixteen to join Salzburg. Which, in the process, loaned it to its famous subsidiary, Lifering. After 42 matches in the Austrian D2, where he saw decisive action (sixteen goals and eleven assists), the midfielder was ready to do the same within the elite.

Back in Salzburg, he also found the ideal “partner in crime” in Erling Haaland. Within a span of barely twelve months, the two men developed a deep friendship. “Erling often told me what to do and how I could grow as a leader.detailed szoboszlai two years ago, in rioters, When I have time, I visit him and vice versa.”

Haaland and Szoboszlai wreak havoc in the Champions League. Especially against Genk.

A little more than three years later, the contact remains intact. Even today, when the Hungarians joined their Premier League friend. “we talk a lotSzoboszlai accepted. He advises me to buy a house and we can even be neighbors. I have heard that many players live between Liverpool and Manchester where their privacy is protected. Of course our friendship will fall apart when we face each other (laughs),

Given the vastness of talent and the relative weakness of the Austrian championship, change soon followed in Salzburg, where they won four consecutive titles and three cups. What followed was a transfer to Leipzig in what would essentially be a Red Bull Galaxy manual for dummies. Despite the bad injury to the adductor, without making it unstable or less productive in the field of truth. In the Bundesliga, he played his first matches under the leadership of Jesse Marsh. Next comes Domenico Tedesco, for whom he is the decider every 114 minutes until the current Devils coach holds the door.


“If I can achieve as much as Puskás, I will be very proud and live a happy life.

Compared to Puskás and selected by Likens

Everyone has heard of the “Magic Magyars”, the golden generation of the Hungarian national team. Guided by the stars, Nandor Hidegkuti, Sandor Kocsis and of course, Ferenc Puskás, the selection went 31 games without defeat between 1950 and 1954, even achieving Olympic gold in 1952.

Since then, Hungary has experienced a long crossing of the desert. And if he has qualified for Euro 2020, his second major tournament in 48 years (after Euro 2016, when Eden Hazard broke his heart), it is mainly thanks to Szaboszlai. In the play-offs, his curling shot qualified his country at the expense of the Icelanders during extra time. Only Hero could not participate in the tournament due to injury.

Nevertheless, the whole country is crazy about his new talent, which has been compared to the famous Puska of the former Ballon d’Or, Lothar Matthaus. “It is a very sensitive subject.Szoboszlai commented. He is the best Hungarian player ever and I am just getting started. There is no point in making such a comparison. He is a real hero and children take him as an example. I think the reason he is admired so much is because he managed to revive his career in difficult times. He became the best player in the world at Real Madrid (which he joined at the age of 31), If I can achieve as much as him, I will be very proud and will live a happy life.

It must be said that “Szobomania” quickly took hold of Hungary. The midfielder was first called to the national team when he was sixteen. Coach at that time? A certain Bernd Stork, who recently passed through Mouscron, Eupen, Cercle Bruges or Courtrey. But the German, like Georges Leekens (the Hungarian coach briefly), never gave him playing time. Only a few spots on the bench or score sheet. History set him up for his real debut in March 2019 under Marco Rossi. Since then, Szoboszlai has become Magyar’s favorite and even captain. The next step would be to play a big tournament and win at Anfield.

Dominik Szoboszlai is now the captain of the national team. ©AFP or licensor

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