Good and inexpensive, i.e. a recipe for a TV set for the player

TCL is a manufacturer known for creating solid TVs for all budgets, but the company’s offer has never looked as good as it did in 2021.

In 2021, TCL has prepared a great offer for people looking for a good and reasonably priced TV. It also has some extremely successful propositions for gamers. However, this is not a surprise – anyone familiar with the history of TCL knows well that this success did not come from thin air.

TCL yesterday and today

There is no exaggeration in calling TCL a giant in the RTV market. The company that was founded in 1981 is now the world’s second largest TV producer. Add to this the fact that in 2010 TCL became number one among the most valued Chinese TV brands, and the company’s value is valued at as much as 6.46 billion dollars!

In 2012, TCL CSOT (dealing with the production of matrices) introduces the first screen with a diagonal of 110 inches! Only a year later, the company enters the American market.

The giant looks at sport more and more favorably and establishes a lot of partnerships in the world of basketball. In 2015, the company becomes the sponsor of the Philippines Basketball Association, and a moment later, because in 2016, TCL becomes the official TV supplier for the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves & Minnesota Lynx teams.

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Along the way, he regularly collects many awards and titles, such as a place in the lists of “Top 20 Global Television Brands”, “Top 50 CE Brands in the World” and “Top 10 CE Brands for China” prepared by IDG. From year to year, the company does not slow down and hangs the bar higher and higher – for example in the case of commercial sales the first mini LED TV.

Such a rapid development of TCL in Asia also had to mean foreign expansion, the best example of which is constant development of TCL in Poland, where brand recognition is increasing.

2021 for TCL is very interesting due to introducing gaming TVs to the offer, which parameters are similar to monitors for players! TCL has announced a partnership with the legendary Call of Duty franchise for a reason.

The combination of two worlds – equipment and content gives great results, which everyone can see for themselves by turning on the latest installment of the series – Call of Duty Vanguard, which premiered on November 5.

Which TCL TV should you choose today?

This year, TCL simplified the offer in order to facilitate the selection of the optimal model for the assumed budget and expectations.

TCL C72 +

The list is opened by TCL C72, often also seen under the designation TCL C728 – we tested it recently on rtvManiaK. This basic QLED model with a matrix refreshed at 120 Hz. It guarantees good image fluidity – it is not without reason that the equipment is promoted with graphics from Call of Duty Vanguard.

photo TCL

The model also boasts low input lag as well HDMI 2.1 connectorthat allows you to play in 4K and 120 fps with VRR and ALLM support.

This is a solid proposition for people who do not want to spend a fortune on a TV set, but are looking for high image quality and gaming parameters.

TCL C82 series

TCL C82 series include one of the most affordable TV sets with a Mini LED matrix and QLED technology on Polish market. It offers an innovative backlight with thousands of tiny LEDs that allow you to achieve high brightness of the image while maintaining good blackness – this is due to zone dimming.

This series, like the C72 +, offers a refresh rate of 120 Hz, HDMI 2.1 connectorand very low input lag.

photo TCL

In addition to zone blanking and greater image depth, it is also equipped with advanced audio system signed with the Onkyo logo, i.e. the legends of the audio market.

Interestingly, you can optionally connect a camera to the TV (you will find it in the set). In addition to pleasant gaming sessions, the device is also great for video conferencing, which has gained popularity recently.

TCL X92 series

The most powerful gaming TV in the TCL offer in 2021 is the TCL X92 series. Like its predecessors, it uses quantum dot technology, but it also adds 8K resolution! Are you looking for a TV that is ready for the challenges of the future? You can blind buy the TCL X92 series.

photo TCL

Advanced Mini LED backlight it translates into a very good brightness of the matrix, as well as great black, which is guaranteed by a lot of local blanking zones.

Of course, this model also works under the control of Android TV, and is also equipped with HDMI 2.1 connector, thanks to which, beyond 120 fps in 4K, in the future, you will also be able to play in 8K resolution!

Is it worth buying a TCL TV?

Regardless of the model you choose in the end, TCL offers a lot at an attractive price. Of course, the more expensive, the better the model, while every demanding player will find something for himself and his pocket.

TCL does not deviate from the standards that dominate the market in 2021 – all of the above-mentioned proposals They are equipped with HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz refreshing, as well as the advanced Google TV system, which TCL is introducing to the market as one of the first TV manufacturers.

photo TCL

Additionally, in their price class they are very attractive – the cheapest model is also one of the cheapest TV sets on the market with such advanced parameters for players. Also, the TCL C82 series is one of the cheapest Mini LED TVs on the market.

For the most demanding users, the manufacturer has prepared the X92, which combines all the technologies included in the lower models with additions reserved for premium models, thus becoming a top-shelf product.

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