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Holland, Germany and Serbia celebrate as expected in the third evening of the 2022 World Cup races in the Netherlands and Poland. Europe continues to hold the bar high in the world review: the most important success is obtained by the reigning world champion team that debuts with a dry 3-0 to Canada that only at times manages to worry Daniele Santarelli’s national team. Nice victory for Germany of Vital Heynen who suffers in some stages of the race the predictable but powerful game of Bulgaria but manages to get the better 3-1, while the Netherlands have no problems in dismissing Cameroon with a sharp 3-0 obtaining the second consecutive victory in the home World Cup.

Holland concedes the BIS without too many difficulties, as scheduled, against the second African team faced: after Kenya, the hosts also beat the African champions of Cameroon 3-0. Selinger’s team started very strong dominating the first partial with a score of 25-10. A drop in tension for the Dutch in the second set and here it is the Cameroonians ready to take advantage and grow in the ball change phase but the home team is not surprised and wins the second set 25-20.

We return to the trend of the first part in the third set with the Netherlands starting strong and he is no longer approached by Cameroon who surrenders with a score of 25-13. For the Dutch once again Buijs top scorer with 11 points and also Timmermann in double figures with 10 points to his credit. For Cameroon 12 points for Adiana who takes the title of best scorer of the match.

Game fought, as expected, between Germany and Bulgaria. More complete and continuous Germans, more effective in the balanced moments of the match and good in the fourth set to recover after a disastrous start that saw them down 2-8 and 4-10. In the end, the success is deserved with a score of 3-1 for the Teutonic national team.

Great balance in the first part with the Germans who make the greater effectiveness at the service and against the block by winning the first set 25-22. In the second set the two most anticipated players in the Bulgarian home grow, Dimitrova and Vasileva and for Germany are troubles because Bulgaria takes off in the central part and imposes itself with the score of 25-21.

Germany starts better (5-1) in the third set but Bulgaria doesn’t give up and goes back down: the final is played point by point and the German team manages to get the better of the sprint 25-23. In the fourth set, Bulgaria starts strong (8-2) with the Germans recovering quickly enough to get back on track (13-12). Germany changes gears and returns to 22-16 but it’s not over because the Bulgarians recover until 23-21 before surrendering with the score of 25-21. Equitable distribution of the points of the German top scorers with Orthmann, Alsmeier and Weitzel who finished with 13 points and Scholzel with 12. For Bulgaria 20 points for Dimitrova, 19 for Vasileva and 13 for Chausheva.

Serbia suffers for a set against Canada and then puts on automatic pilot, relies on the wall and the power and precision of a Tilijana Boskovic in excellent condition and overcomes Canada 3-0 to which Gray and Van Ryk not always effective in attack and service and a Howe in good evening are not enough. At home Serbia an exam substantially passed by the Drca lifter who has the difficult task of taking the place of Ognjenovic and Mihajlovic who seems to have put behind the physical problems that have plagued her in the last season.

It is not an overflowing Serbia that wins the first set against the strong-willed Canadians. Santarelli’s team starts strong, maintains a 4-point lead until mid-set but then he gets dangerously close e reach at an altitude of 22. The wall takes care of it and the “usual” Boskovic to give 1-0 to the reigning champions with a score of 25-23.

Boskovic thinks about giving the break at the start of the second set by forcing in serve and attack until 12-7. The Serbian wall that signs on 18-12 rises to the top and paves the way for the success of the Serbs with the score of 25-16. At the start of the third set still a good start for the Serbs who play smoothly, they still leverage Boskovic and the wall and jump ahead 12-8. Canada does not raise the white flag and is back under 13-12. Serbia restarts with momentum and closes with Stevanovic’s fast with a score of 25-20.

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