good news for the sequel to the film with Tom Holland

Released in 2022, “Uncharted” was not really unanimous. However, a sequel to Ruben Fleischer’s film would still be on the cards according to this producer of the franchise.

Uncharted : new video game adaptation

We know that video game adaptations are a sensitive subject at Hollywood. Good video game adaptations are rare, as if a curse hovers around these projects, despite the recent success of The Last of Us and of Super Mario Bros, The Movie, which finally seem to be reversing the trend. In 2022, Sony Pictures decides to embark on the adaptation of one of its flagship video game franchises: Uncharted. For the occasion, the studio hired director Ruben Fleischer (Welcome to Zombieland, Venom) to lead this adventure. On the casting side, Mark Wahlberg is chosen for the role of Sully, while Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake.

The film, quite faithful to the video games, a sort of modern-day Indiana Jones, received mixed critical feedback. On the box office side, the feature film still brings in more than $407 million recipe. However, at present, we do not yet know if Sony will extend the saga with a sequel.

Tom Holland (Nathan Drake) - Uncharted
Tom Holland (Nathan Drake) – Uncharted © Sony Pictures

Soon a Uncharted 2 ?

Shortly after the release of Uncharted, filmmaker Ruben Fleischer has expressed his desire to make a sequel. With its 400 million dollars in revenue, Sony should logically give the green light. Recently, producer Charles Roven, who worked on the first film, revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that a sequel was about to be launched:

We had a great time watching this film. Fans loved the result, and people who knew nothing about the game loved the movie too. So we definitely want to do another one.

The production of Uncharted 2 has not yet been officially launched. But all the lights are green. We still have to wait for the end of the writers’ and actors’ strikes which are currently shaking up Hollywood. As a reminder, Uncharted is a fun video license produced by Sony and developed by Playstation. The very first game, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was released in 2007. Currently, the series has eight games which were sold for more than 41.7 million copies worldwide.

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