Goodbye ATM: it will no longer be possible to withdraw

With the passing of the years, we are witnessing more and more a transition from cash to cashless payment, made through the use of credit cards and, more and more often, also with the help of electronic methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and so on. saying, thanks to the payments with NFC chips that the latest generation smartphones are equipped with.

We are gradually witnessing, step by step, the transition from cash to digital payments: perhaps some of you have already noticed this, but the ATMs and ATMs scattered throughout the territory are gradually decreasing more and more.

Occurs more and more the trend, on the part of banks, to close physical branches in favor of online banks and home bankingwhich allows you to manage your finances in a completely digital way, without the aid of a physical presence.

However, according to some analysts, cash will continue to be used for years and years, and the complete transition to digital-only payments is still a distant future.

L’Mobile Payments Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano conducted a study on this subject, which shows that cash still remains in pole position with 60% of payments in Italy. Then there are credit (or possibly debit) cards with a 25% share, and finally a 15% represented by the forms of payment available.

The opinion of the experts

In the opinion of some economists, cash will never have a complete end, and despite the low percentage it may have in the future, it will not be completely extinguished. The case of the Swedenfor example, where cash is increasingly becoming a smaller share of total payments (with the credit card representing the vast majority of payments), but which maintains a percentage equal to 7%.

However, the downward trend of physical banks is confirmed ManagerItaliawhich highlighted how the active offices as regards the Italian state decreased by about 2,000 units, passing respectively from 23,481 to 21,650 in less than a year. An alternative solution, which was proposed by Intesa Sanpaolo, is the possibility of withdrawing directly from tobacconists (obviously affiliated with Banca 5), ​​and we are sure that other banking institutions will adopt this solution in the months and years to come.

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We therefore just have to wait for further updates on this situation, which we are sure will not be long in coming over the next few years.

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