Goodbye scalpel: the revolution of aesthetic medicine thanks to the properties of collagen

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Let’s forget about the scalpel in the near future, the new revolution will not be to remove or modify the tissues but their regeneration. Obviously we are not talking about the “fountain of eternal youth” but about a further step towards understanding the processes related toskin aging. The correction of imperfections in a “mechanical” way is giving way, where possible, to techniques that promise better, natural and long-lasting results. Stimulating collagen is one of the principles underlying the most popular techniques today.

An in-depth analysis of the topic is contained on the portal, a platform specialized in dealing with everything related to collagen. Conceived as a reference point for patients, the portal has welcomed more and more professionals with an increase in the quality of the contents and a channel that is always open with the patients themselves. All this, to go beyond the traditional doctor-patient relationship, and get closer and closer to each individual user by providing prompt, rapid and, above all, reliable answers.

The importance of the collagen it is now known, as are known the mechanisms that lead to the slow decrease and degradation of the protein after 25/30 years. Being the main structure that supports the tissues, it is easy to understand how its decrease favors the appearance of skin blemishes of various kinds as well as a general failure of the tissues. It has also been discovered that the replacement / integration of collagen is not at all simple since collagen is not easily digestible in food nor is it metabolized adequately with injections, use of creams and other solutions on the skin.

An effective solution has been identified in recombinant collagen, a particular protein capable of “integrating” and functioning better in tissues. For these characteristics, many companies in recent years have invested a lot of funds in the synthesis of dermofiller based on latest generation recombinant collagen. The administration formula is similar to that of fillers while its action focuses mainly on greater tissue hydration and stimulation of tissue repair with the production of new collagen.

The first process is possible thanks to the structure of the recombinant collagen which compared to normal collagen, with a three-helix structure, has only one helix. This characteristic allows collagen to create numerous bonds with water molecules, improving tissue hydration. Furthermore, the single helix is ​​perceived as an “error” by the organism that pushes the cells to produce new collagen and elastin to “repair” the tissue problem.

It should not be forgotten that products based on recombinant collagen intervene on other factors thanks to the help of substances essential for cellular functioning such as alanine, valine, glycine, proline, lysine, etc. These substances contribute to maintaining the environmental balance where the cells operate and are called to synthesize new collagen and elastin.

In the past, almost all collagen was produced from the waste of slaughtered animals, especially cattle. The religious and ethical implications limited the use of collagen in some human communities and among religious groups. Furthermore, bovine collagen implied the remote possibility of the transmission of diseases, to humans, such as bovine spongiform encephalopathy (known as mad cow disease) and other diseases that are dangerous to humans.

To overcome the limitations of animal collagen, the use of marine collagen, however, its applications remained decidedly limited due to other problems, especially of medical utility. In fact, despite the best effectiveness, marine collagen remained very difficult to metabolize by the body due to its particular structure.

Although collagen is the new frontier in the fight against skin aging, there is still a long way to go before reaching fantastical results in some famous novels. However, it cannot be denied that treatments based on recombinant collagen can provide lasting and valid results, without surgically changing their nature.

Treatments with recombinant collagen dermofiller ed hyaluronic acid they are minimally invasive and allow to reactivate the natural cell turnover. Cellular action activates the processes of biostimulation And bio-regeneration of the tissues acting in a concrete way against the chronoagingthe photoaging and scarring outcomes.

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