goodbye to mailboxes, smart letter boxes arrive

The cut in letterboxes is due, as Agcom explains, to the “evolution of the postal market which in recent years has led to a drastic reduction in postal volumes accepted through mailing boxes, up to representing only a percentage of approximately 3% of the total volume, with a decreasing trend of over 20% per year “.

The Agcom resolution was approved on 7 September with these new criteria: “the presence of: a mail box within the maximum distance of 0.5 kilometers from the place of residence for 50% of the resident population must be ensured; mailing box within a maximum distance of one kilometer from the place of residence for 85% of the resident population; a mailing box within a maximum distance of 1.5 kilometers from the place of residence for 92% of the population; mailbox within a maximum distance of 3 kilometers from the place of residence for 98% of the population “.

And “the current provisions of the Scajola Decree are confirmed, that is” the presence of at least one post office box in municipalities with a population of up to a thousand inhabitants and the presence of a post office box at each post office, as well as in places of high transit newspaper such as railway stations, airports, terminus of urban and extra-urban public service vehicles “.

What happens now? “Within 60 days of the publication of the resolution” Poste Italiane, as the service provider, will have to transmit to the Authority the Implementation Plan of the new criteria for the remodeling of mailing boxes, to be implemented gradually and homogeneously throughout the entire territory within a period of 24 months from the date of transmission of the same “.

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