Goodbye to masks and the daily bulletin, the revolution on Covid arrives: the announcement of the government

He defines it as a “gradual return to normality“. In fact it is almost an abolition of all Covid restrictions that we learned about during the two and a half years of the pandemic. The new Minister of Health, Orazio Schillacihas decided to give the first change of pace on the management of Covid-19, following the line already drawn by the Meloni government.

In some ways it will be a real one Revolutionwith the certainty that it will come abolished the daily bulletin of infections (replaced by a weekly one) and with the stop the suspension of unvaccinated health personnel. Moreover, even if in this case the official character is still missing, it seems probable goodbye to masks in health facilities, the only place where personal protective equipment is still mandatory.

In a note the Minister of Health stresses that he considers it appropriate to initiate “a progressive return to normality in activities and behaviors, inspired by criteria of responsibility and compliance with current regulations“. A decision dictated by the trend of infections and which reaches “six months from the suspension of the state of emergency“.

The reintegration of the staff no vax

Minister Schillaci announces that a measure will soon arrive for the reintegration of health personnel into service which has received proceedings for the suspension of work due to non-compliance with thevaccination obligation. In fact, it means that doctors and nurses suspended as no vax will be reinstated.

The decision brings forward by two months the current expiry of the suspension, which was set for 31 December. As Schillaci further explains, the choice derives not only from the return to normality that the government wants to emphasize, but also from shortage of medical personnel and sanitary.

Covid, no vax fines stop

There is still no certainty, but a change of pace also seems likely on fines for unvaccinated people with more than 50 years. There should be one moratorium which freezes, probably until June, the fines of 100 euros imposed on those who had not completed the vaccination cycle by 15 June.

The moratorium could be inserted with an amendment to the Aid ter decree. The Minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Cirianiexplained that it would be a “postponement of fines“And not one cancellation total. It could therefore be suspended the sending of fines waiting for a cancellation which could then arrive at a later time.

Farewell to the daily bulletin on hospitalizations and deaths

Certainly, however, there will be farewell to the daily bulletin of infections. The Minister of Health has announced that the publication of the data on a daily basis will be suspended infections, hospitalizations, intensive care and deaths linked to Covid. The bulletin will pass on a regular basis weekly. In any case, the authorities will have the possibility of constantly acquiring information for monitoring the situation and adopting any measures.

Covid revolution, goodbye to hospital masks?

The Meloni government could soon overcome the measure that more than any other symbolizes Covid: the obligation to wear masks. Even in this there is still no official status, but the intention seems to be not to renew the obligation of individual devices within the hospitals and of health facilitiesexpiring on October 31st.

There will be no ad hoc provision, as it is sufficient not to sign the extension of the ordinance that obliges you to wear masks in hospitals, health facilities and RSA. Something similar should happen on the workplaces: 31 October expires on protocol which governs the use of masks in offices, but the social partners were only convened on November 4th, so the protocol will not be renewed sooner and the use of individual devices will be superseded.

The obligation to wear a mask it has now remained only in health facilities (it has recently also lapsed on means of transport), but cancellation in hospitals and RSA seems close. In reality, the decision has not yet been made and in health care circles they are asked to keep them Ffp2. Among the hypotheses under consideration there is also that of maintaining the obligation only in the wards most at risk and in intensive care. But the generalized obligation should still disappear fromNovember 1.

According to Fiaso (Italian Federation of Health and Hospital Companies) health directorates should evaluate the obligation of masks department by departmentto protect the frail“. For the federation then “a provision to resolve the dispute of health and hospital organizations with operators no vax suspended“. The belief, in general, is that “the fall of the obligation of masks in hospitals does not in any case exempt health companies and hospitals from respecting the law on hygiene and safety at work“.

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