Goodbye TV!Liga MX’s ‘Big’ to receive $1 million in broadcast rights

The largest television network in the country, Trevisahe will have to say goodbye to one of his teams MX League, Who is also one ‘big’because another brand approached them to negotiate right of transmissionand it’s not a quote on the air, because it’s about one million in the table.

The team that can bid farewell to the space station will be tiger, long after 30 year agreement The equipment contract between the two companies will be next summeralthough the plan Trevisa After the contract extension was confirmed, everything fell into limbo while others bid for the team.

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The people of Monterey are listening other suggestion Not from Chapultepec TV because Amounts that have never been processed before As for the possibility of broadcasting Mexican club games, it is not the biggest rival Azteca TV but a company that is vying for it. Streaming giant.

The Tigers may be the first team in the league to join a streaming service. Instagram @clubtigres

its about Amazon Primea company that has been discussing the possibility of integrating teams from different areas since the middle of last year national football its exclusive programming, but it won’t be until 2024 that official intentions emerge for the rebellion, which could become New owners.

Everything suggests that if Amazon’s streaming service continues to lead interest from the Tigers, they may sign a broadcast rights deal Worth up to 500 million pesossomething I had never considered before turn on tv This means fans of the team will have to hire another person Payment Services.

Just like the NFL, Prime now plans to bet on football.

Amazon Prime I won’t just do it tigers inside MX League, But for another team ‘big’ is also like this Chivas Regal Guadalajaraalthough the progress of negotiations is not as good as that of the other party, but Streaming media platform Bet on sports to increase your subscriber base in Mexico.

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