Google and Universal Music team up to create songs with AI

Google and Universal Music want a tool to create and monetize songs with AI, respecting artists’ rights.

A tool to legally create songs with an artist’s voice

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to generate original content or imitate existing works. In the field of music, applications generate songs using the voice of a famous artist, such as drake Or The Weeknd. These songs raise legal and ethical questions about respecting copyright and the personality of the artists.

To regulate this phenomenon, Google And UniversalMusic, one of the biggest music labels in the world, have decided to collaborate. They want to create a tool that would allow users to legally create AI-generated songs, donating a portion of the revenue to the artists involved. The aim is to encourage creativity while protecting the rights of creators.

How would the tool work?

The tool would give users the ability to choose an artist’s voice from a list offered by UniversalMusic. Then they could create a song based on an AI algorithm developed by Google. Artists would have the right to refuse to have their voice used, even for remuneration. The revenue from the songs would be donated to the labels.

What are the challenges of this initiative?

This initiative is not the first of its kind in the world of music. Some artists, like Grimes, have already agreed to have their voices used to create AI-generated music, sharing royalties with users. Others, like ice cubes, were more reluctant, calling songs cloning an actual voice ‘evil’. Other labels, like Warner Musichave also shown interest in joining the project of Google And UniversalMusic.

AI-generated music represents a new challenge for the music industry, which must adapt to technological developments and new forms of creation. Google And UniversalMusic hope to find a balance between innovation and respect for rights, while offering users a new musical experience.

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