Google announces developer tools for gaming

The developers will have lectures and workshops free of charge at the web site of Google for the Games

Google announced today the latest products and solutions created by developers at Google are Games, the Developer of the Summit, a meeting that brings together the ads and the sessions are free! g. co/gamedevsummit. All of the content presented during the event will be available on the website of Google, it is a game.

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Android and Google Play are helping to create games and reach an even larger audience

To assist in the development, to ensure the quality of the game and to promote the various resources and services that facilitate the successful on time launch of the game on Google Play, you have been provided the tools to bring important information about the performance of the game and pave the way for an even larger number of players. More details here .

Google Ads and AdMob ads: useful tools for the growth of the business

Now, Google Ads and AdMob ads are showing in new ways examine and use the information provided by the players to help the developers make the games, and the revenue to grow, creating a virtuous cycle that ensures that the improvement over time.

To scale their video games together with the Cloud of Game Servers, the easy way

House, and give it the global scale of the game, it is a big challenge. Often times, this requires you to create solutions that are expensive, or use a pre-established formats, they often end up limiting their choices, and the control of the developer.

THE Games debut on the PC
Over 100 thousand concurrent players on Steam

To expand the opportunities offered to you, and help you to keep free time for them to focus on the key elements of the production of the game, which was created in a way the most simple and convenient way to to administer cluster of servers for the games.

Stadia Makers: the new program will help users to build and publish next-generation games

A new platform for video games, they impose new challenges and opportunities for the farmers. To this end, Google has announced the Stadia Makers – a new program to support community self-development.

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