Google asks Apple to put an end to the green bubbles that discriminate against Android users

Google has decided to launch a social campaign, supported with a specific web page, to convince Apple to support the RCS messaging protocol within the iMessage service of the iOS and macOS platforms. “The problem is not the color of the clouds“says Google on the” Get The Message “campaign page, referring to the green color instead of blue reserved for the message bubbles sent to devices not compatible with iMessage, namely Android phones, for which the SMS protocol of the GSM standard and in the case of multimedia content, MMS, which makes it impossible for Android users to access all the modern messaging functions when communicating with an iOS user, duly listed on the specific site launched by Google.

To contextualize the controversy, it should be borne in mind that unlike Italy and more generally Europe, in the United States the dominated mobile platform is that of Apple, which holds more than 50% of the market share, with the consequence that iMessage is one of the most used messaging apps in North America, more than WhatsApp or Telegram. The campaign plays on the slogan “Help @Apple #GetTheMessage” to be promoted on social networks, which can be translated literally to keep the pun like “help Apple get the message“, but the expression is actually closer to ours”make them understand“Since Google took charge of spreading the use of RCS, the protocol has improved significantly, but Apple has every interest in continuing to” discriminate “non-iOS users with green clouds: precisely by virtue of its market share in the United States, iMessage enjoys strong “lock in” power for American consumers.

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