Google Chrome 97: Download the latest version of the browser

Google Chrome 97 is the first browser release this year. It brings with it some interesting novelties, but one of them is quite controversial.

Google Chrome 97 with Keyboard Map API. Is controversial

The most important – or rather: the loudest – of the new features in Chrome 97 is undoubtedly the Keyboard Map API. This an interface that registers the pressed keys. On the one hand, it is supposed to make life easier for web developers (because it will eliminate the problem of incorrectly recording clicks on different keyboard layouts), on the other hand, however (not surprisingly) it evokes thoughts about keyloggers used for rather less positive purposes. However, Google argues that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Some industry experts have a different opinion. Apple representatives wrote on the GitHub platform that this interface is “unacceptable from a privacy point of view” and therefore will not implement it in Safari. The creators of the Brave browser also announced that they will not implement the Keyboard Map API at home. Mozilla, in turn, added this interface to its list of malicious APIs.

Besides, what’s new in Google Chrome 97?

In the new version of the browser, Google also introduces changes that are definitely a plus in terms of privacy. For example, it will appear the ability to delete all data collected by a specific website (and not just individual cookies).

Google Chrome 97 is also improvements in the field of web applications (PWA). Now they will be able to use the space in the top bar of the browser (which they will fill with, for example, a search field or navigation buttons). The whole is complemented by improvements in the handling of CSS styles and HTML scripts.

Chrome 97 PWAWeb application interface in Google Chrome – before (above) and after (below).

Download the latest version of Chrome (download):

Download Google Chrome

As part of previous updates, Google Chrome received, among others, the function of instant return to the previous page (by storing it in RAM), a Windows 11-style menu and the ability to save groups of open tabs. In addition, the security of online purchases has been increased, the support for FTP connections has been abolished, the operation of online games has been accelerated and the WebOTP API (an interface that automatically downloads one-time codes from SMS) has been implemented.

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