Google / Gmail account owners – watch out for text messages that perfectly impersonate Google!

One of the readers sent us an SMS that he just received:

What happened here?

First, someone has sent an SMS that is sent from the sender “Google” (also called SMS spoofing). By the way, some time ago someone in Poland impersonated the sender “SANEPID”:

Fake SMS

Second, the phone seeing the sender of “Google” placed a fake message in the same thread as previous real messages from Google! The more so, the inattentive recipient may fall for this scam.

Third, domain id-98756259635[.]com is suspect (although it has https / padlock) and at first glance not affiliated with Google. At the moment, the first antivirus engines mark it as malicious / phishing:

Fourth, on the server where this domain is shared, you can also see other malicious domains, created according to a similar pattern:

Do not be fooled and do not provide your Google login details on such domains / addresses! It is also worth configuring the so-called two-factor authentication (preferably with the use of hardware U2F keys).

Would you like to know more of this type of current attacks / know how to protect yourself? We invite you to the practical cyberawareness from sekurak. Several hours of super up-to-date and engaging knowledge. It is also possible to carry out this type of training in your company / institution.

~ Michał Sajdak

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