Google has announced great news for Android! See them

As we approach the busiest time of the year, Android gets even more helpful with new features. They make it a pleasure to create, capture, relive and share your holiday memories. Google has just announced new products for Android! Let’s see what’s new.

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News for Android

Family Bell

Family Bell helps you and your family stay on top of daily schedules, wherever you are. Whether you set up a family ringtone on your Android phone, home speaker or smart screen, the ringtones will notify you and your family. When it’s time for important moments of the day, they’ll help you leave home reminders in the morning, pick up your kids from school, or go to bed on your schedule. Family members will also be able to set ringtones on their devices to stay informed.

Widget news for Android

Widgets make it easy to view content and information from your favorite Google apps on your home screen. Here are three new widgets you can use this holiday season:

  • Thanks to the new Google Play Books widget you can access a library of full books and even track the progress of audiobooks.
  • Enjoy your favorite holiday songs with the new YouTube Music widget – which puts playback controls and recently played songs right on your home screen.
  • Feel closer to your family, friends and favorite furries. The new People and Pets widget in Google Photos, coming next week, brings your family to your home screen. Just select a few faces and the appropriate frame, and the widget does the rest, decorating your home screen with your loved ones.

Memories in Google Photos

Android news from Google Photos

This week New memories will appear in Google Photosthat will help you remember the moments you have celebrated. You’ll see them in the photo grid. They feature a curated selection of photos and videos, from holidays like New Years Eve or Halloween to important events like birthdays and graduation. Since everyone has their own traditions, specific controls let you rename, personalize, correct and even remove those memories from the photo grid.

Android on the road

Whether you’re driving home, on vacation, or just going to the store for last-minute shopping, the update package makes Android more usable on the go.

You can now set Android Auto to start automatically when you connect your Android phone to a compatible car. And while you’re on the move, Android Auto helps you get things done so you can focus on steering. Thanks to Smart Reply options coming soon you can reply to text messages more easily with the Google Assistant in Android Auto. Just tap to reply or create a custom message. You can listen to your favorite music with one touch of the new “always on” button right on the home screen. Soon you will be able to use your voice to find music faster in multimedia applications in Android Auto. Just tap on the new search icon and say your favorite artist or song to listen easily.

Android auto car key

Google is also still working on new ways to bring the phone and car closer together. Starting today, you can use your Android phone to lock, unlock, and even start your compatible car. The Digital Key is now available in selected countries on Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 devices for compatible BMW vehicles.

Other news on Android

With Android Auto Permissions Reset, your device will automatically turn off power on time permissions. They allow applications to access data or take action on your behalf. This is for downloaded apps that you haven’t used in a while. You can always re-enable permissions at any time by opening the app again or using the settings menu. Starting next month, this feature will extend support to billions of devices running Android 6.0 and above.

Emoji Gboard Android news

Another novelty is Emoji Kitchen that allows you to combine emoticons into stickersto share with friends, family and loved ones. With thousands of new additions, Emoji Kitchen is a gift that’s a great way to spread the holiday joy. The latest stickers are rolling out to Gboard Beta users starting today, and will be available to all Gboard users in the coming weeks.

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