Google has rewritten the Home app: now it has a new design and manages all Matter devices, even from other brands

Google presented the new Google Home, the application that manages all smart and home automation devices. The app will be fully updated, with two major changes: a substantial one – full support for the Matter standard – and an aesthetic one, with a new revisited layout.

Matter is the new connectivity standard for the smart home, which aims to eliminate compatibility problems and connection difficulties of smart devices. Implemented by the vast majority of smart device manufacturers, support in Google Home will make this application the hub from which to control all products, even from other brands.

From Google Home it will therefore be possible to configure, control and automate the processes of each device that implements the Matter standard. G.thanks to the Fast Pair for Matter function, the setup will be easier: the Android smartphone will immediately detect the device, giving the possibility to configure it with a few simple steps.

The new form of Google Home also goes through a complete renewal of the layout: simplicity and customization are the guidelines followed by the Californian company in this application rewriting process.

The first panel visible when Google Home opens is the favorites panel. In this section you can add all the devices to which you want to pay particular attention. By adding a Nest camera to this section, you can watch the streaming without having to enter the dedicated section.

The new version of Google Home takes a lot from the application dedicated to these devices. In fact, within Google Home it will be possible to navigate more easily within the videos recorded by the cameras and, thanks to the machine learning functions, the app will be able to indicate and catalog all the most important recorded events, such as deliveries, visits and more.

All Google Nest devices compatible with Matter: the smart home finally easy to use

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Another very important section of the app is the one dedicated to spaces, which gives thethe possibility for the user to view all his devices grouped by category in a single space. From the spaces it will be possible to easily select, for example, all cameras or all smart bulbs. The spaces section will be expanded and made even more usable with the next updates.

The last section is dedicated to automation: in this section it will be possible to manage all the domestic routines that involve several devices. It will be easier to create automations, thanks also to a script editor – which will be launched next year – which will contain more than 100 features.

What it is and how it works Thread, the communication protocol used by Matter for the connected home

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Google Home will also debut on Wear OS 3 – the operating system of Google smartwatches – and on the web. From the clock you will be able to turn off the lights, adjust the thermostat, watch notifications related to Nest cameras and more.

From the website, as early as the next few weeks you will be able to see all feeds from your Nest camera and smart doorbells. The display will be in full screen, and it will be possible to manage zoom and other parameters relating to the vision.

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