Despite the denials, it appears that Google is about to launch a completely censored search engine in China so as not to upset the regime.

Google is about to launch a censored version of its search engine in China. In August rumors had emerged about the new project, from the code name Project Dragonfly, but the Mountain View company had assured that it was only a prototype and that it would not be launched.

The question returned to the center of attention after the emergence of the transcript of the presentation of Project Dragonfly , with thanks to the development team , made on 18 July 2019 by lead researcher Ben Gomes , which talks about the launch within six / nine months , with the possibility that a first version arrives within three months.

On September 23, 2019, Gomes lied to the BBC stating that Project Dragonfly was just an embryonic project, with the development team still in the exploratory phase and with Google that had no plans to launch it. Apparently it was these lies that convinced the classic deep throat to share the transcript of the project presentation, which Gomes refused to comment on.

Evidently he must be ashamed of Project Dragonfly, a tool designed to favor the Chinese government in the search for dissidents to suppress, whose existence has caused great discontent within Google itself, with some employees who have left the company as a form of protest. Do you think that among the functions of Project Dragonfly, there is that of identifying those who carry out research on prohibited subjects such as ‘student protests’ and ‘democracy’, communicating the information gathered to the relevant Chinese government bodies?

In short, as usual, ‘Pecunia non-olet’, as Vespasian had to say, commenting on the tax charged on urine collected in private Roman latrines. After all, what are dissidents made to disappear in front of a few billion dollars? I wonder if one-day companies like Google or others will be tried for crimes against humanity

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